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I've found my people! I've just joined and found this forum. I'm a huge animal lover so hope I will be right at home here

What pets do you all have? I've got a dog but I've had some interesting others too over the years

  • Hi. Ive got a collie, cat and a parakeet. The collie is very affectionate and always giving me hugs and the parakeet likes to get my attention but the cat is very... erm...  he's a cat which explains a lot lol. Ive found that pets are more loving and non judgemental than people and seem to know when you're down and need love.

    On a side note my dog isnt right in the head pmsl which helps a lot

  • Aww lovely! My dog is a little nuts but she's my world. I used to have birds, I love them. Not had a cat but I'm scared of them so that is why! My dog knows when I'm in need of extra affection

  • Dogs do dont they. My cat is very affectionate when he wants to be but he's an a hole as well lol. He's my wifes cat but i love him too. I had 2 dogs untill 2020 when they both passed away and this daft sod came to us a few months ago and filled a hole we didnt know was fillable. They do help more than we realise 

  • I'm very needy, I need affection from my pets! Oh I'm sorry to hear about the dogs, mine is 12 next week and I'm in a constant state of fear about her health. Aw so he's quite new to the family? I like how cute they are but the scratchy and bitey thing worries me

  • This is our gorgeous Gracie!! She is a five year old whippet. My husband has inoperable non small cell lung cancer and swears that Gracie could sense the cancer months before he was diagnosed, she has always loved being as close to us as is physically possible but in January last year she started spending a lot of time sitting next to him and just staring into his eyes…. and following him around the house constantly. He is convinced she was trying to tell him he needed help!!! Even now she is very attentive for a few days after he has his treatment and will lie with her paws on his arm. 
    We have had dogs,cats, rabbits over the years but I draw the line at birds as I don’t like them flapping around me!!! 

  • Be still my beating heart Heartbeat I've got a whippet too. What a beautiful girl Gracie is. I don't doubt that she knew bless her. Made my night seeing her

  • Aw wow!!!! Whippets are amazing !!! What colour, name is yours? 

  • She's white with brown and grey patches. I fell hard fir her when I saw the pictures of all the pups. She was the one I desperately wanted and was lucky enough to get her. They are very much velcro dogs

  • My names Hugo and I am the boss.
    My human pets do what I say when I tell them.

    When they’re good I praise them and let them stroke my beautiful coat 


  • Hello Hugo! What a beautiful coat it is! I bet you feel lovely and soft Cat