Our Online Community’s a real ‘Community’. However you’re affected by cancer, the Community’s a place where you can ask questions, and talk through your thoughts and feelings with people who understand what you’re going through.

For family and friends, a diagnosis can have a huge impact of them emotionally, and also stretch relationships and support available within family and friendship groups. Whilst it might not always feel a priority, it’s so important for these people to take care of themselves and ensure they’re getting the support they might need. For these reasons, the Community has its Family and friends group.

Here are a few recent highlights from the group to illustrate the support available:

Having a bad day – a discussion that’s been running just shy of 3 years. Discussions are often hard to read here, but members of the group use the discussion to check-in with each other and vent if it’s needed. You’ll find virtual hugs left, right and centre here.

“I know you are tired so please remember it’s OK to give in for a bit, and give yourself a break now and then. Everyone needs time to just feel crappy and sorry for themselves.” (Elenium)

“I hope I am part of your virtual family - maybe a distant cousin - but I think about you all a lot.” (Zolily)

Helping my friendPippin66 posted asking for “ideas about activities and getting out of the house…”

“…we arrange a trip to a National Trust property nearby if we can…” (KTatHome)


“I can't tell you how much it means to get such a helpful and detailed response…I have never had to 'deal with' cancer before, and my poor mate lives alone. She is so strong and pragmatic, I just want to do what I can. I have felt so helpless and wish I could take this burden away from her, but know that this is impossible. You have given me so many practical ideas that I can use...I think I went into brain freeze and just couldn't think of things to do with her when she's feeling up to it.” (Pippin66)

Husband has metastatic rectal cancer – the member who started this discussion’s husband was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. The response? Several relatives in similar situations got in touch to offer support to each other and share experiences.


“Seems like we'll be walking a similar path! It would be great to walk along with you, so we can support each other.” (Slat22)

“I have been reading through this thread and wondered if I can join you…My boyfriend was diagnosed with bowel cancer last September, we are only in our early 40’s with two sons aged 17 and 20. Massive shock and very heart-breaking…Would love to chat with you and anyone else that is in a similar position to us for knowledge and support.” (Len123)

Mum’s cancer spread, so terrified. – “Hello all, I really needed to come in today as I’m just desperate to get some help.” (Puggymama)

“…try and not be too hard on yourself. If you need to chat, please feel free.” (Walsh

“We are all just doing our best to support, being a team. Thank you for being so kind and concerned, I'm sorry you're having to deal with it too.” (Puggymama)

Go ahead and share your thoughts on being a family member or friend of a loved one diagnosed with cancer in the below comments section. You can find and join our Family and friends group here.