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  • Community News Blog: How reflexology helped me – Charlie’s story

    Pink flowers against a green hill

    In today’s Community News Blog, Charlie shares with us how reflexology has supported her throughout her cancer journey. Charlie was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery in January this year. She wanted to share with all of you how a few simple techniques have helped her with stress, sleep, bowel movements and swelling. She’s kindly put together some videos for us, to show us some simple self-help reflexology…

    • 26 Feb 2021
  • Community News Blog: “I just want to be me again” - Jon's story, volume 2

    Image of a waterfall

    We first heard from Jon in the first of his blog series where he talked about his diagnosis, and what led him to share his story. Our members often talk about ‘scanxiety’ and how difficult it is in the run up to getting a scan, and then waiting for results. In today’s blog, Jon talks a little more about his experience of ‘scanxiety’ and the impact it’s had on him.


    It’s been…

    • 8 Feb 2021
  • Community News Blog: You never see it coming - Jon's story

    Jon had barely heard of penile cancer before his diagnosis at 40. To help raise awareness and share his experiences, he started sharing his story across social media to keep his family and friends up-to-date. This led to the knob blog, where Jon continues to talk about his experiences of diagnosis, treatment and side effects. In today’s Community News blog, Jon reflects on his experience with penile cancer, and how humour…

    • 1 Feb 2021
  • Community News Blog: Cancer and me 35 years on - Vol 8 - Lanzarote & Menorca

    ‘Cancer & me 35 years on, vol 8’written in green and pink letters next to a photo of Willo smiling and wearing a red rose in her hair.

    On a very cold and grey January afternoon during a national lockdown, thinking about holiday memories can be a lovely pass time. National travel restrictions mean it may be a while before we can pack our suitcases excitedly again, but luckily today our guest blogger Willo, known on the Community as patsyann85, is here to tell us about her first holiday in Europe after recovering from her Abdominoperineal Resection procedure…

    • 25 Jan 2021
  • Community News Blog: Cancer & me 35 years on - Vol 7 - The recovery

    Cancer & me 35 years on written in big letters next to a photo of Willo painting surrounded by her art.

    Today in our Community News blog we are very pleased to welcome our guest blogger, Willo, back with the seventh instalment of her blog series called ‘Cancer & me 35 years on’. In this series, Willo, known on the Community as patsyann85, tells us about her experience of being diagnosed with Anal cancer in 1986 while living in Zambia. We will be sharing more of Willo’s writing and incredible artwork throughout…

    • 5 Jan 2021
  • Community News Blog: Meet Amy, Part 2: Introducing Stoic Philosophy

    Wintery scene with some frosted berries hanging off a tree.

    In a recent Community News Blog we met our new guest blogger Amy, who struggled with her emotions after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Amy has since used this experience to write a blog to help others manage their mental health through cancer and is keen to share some of the resources which helped her. If you missed the first part of the blog, ‘Meet Amy – Finding a way to move towards acceptance and peace’, you…

    • 24 Dec 2020

Personal Experiences