Chemo side effects

Had my first chemo (Paclitaxel and Carboplatin) session almost two weeks ago, luckily I’ve only had mild side effects, but woke up today with a really sore scalp - no idea why or what to do about it! 

  • Hi 1962KI

    I had my 6th and hopefully my final paclitaxel and carboplatin chemo yesterday and I have kept a detailed diary since my first one. It shows that on day 11 after my first chemo my scalp was very tender and over the next couple of days it felt like someone was tightly pulling on my very short hair and twirling it round.  A few days later a few strands of my hair started coming out where the scalp pain had felt worse. On day 2 after my second chemo my hair came out in large clumps while I was having a shower so I decided that was the day to get it all shaved off.  It is upsetting and something you never think will happen to you. I did buy a wig but I have only worn in a few times. I have felt much more comfy wearing a turban type cap or going au natural at home and wearing a woolly hat (it was cold out when my chemo started), a baseball cap, turban or now as it has gone a bit warmer the bold and bald look when out.  It seems like only yesterday I was going for my pre chemo assessment and now I have finished the course so keep on going and we are all here if you needed any more help, advice or just a listening ear. Hugging

  • Thank you, so glad to hear your treatment is coming to an end. I had a reaction against my first chemo session and was at the hospital for 11 hours. Second one next week and I hope it goes better. Sounds like I might be following a similar path to you. Had a wig fitting and waiting for it to be ready, although not sure I’ll actually wear it. Bought some turbans and already sorted out that my hairdresser will shave it once it starts coming out. I appreciate your advice.

    Good luck, love Karen x

  • Hi I agree with . I also kept a daily diary, 2 weeks after 1st chemo my scalp felt tender and my hair started to come out so be prepared for the upset. I always think myself a strong person but I admit I cried so have the tissues handy! 

    The good side is I finished my chemo 8 weeks ago and my hair's sprouting back nicely!

    Now it's warmer I've ditched the woolly hat and the turban and happily go naked! I do wear my wig if I'm going out but in another week or two I won't worry.

    Sending hugs, Barb xx 

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  • Hi Barb

    Thanks for this, my hair has definitely started to come out, so I’ve made an appointment with my hairdresser for this afternoon and am going to get it shaved off. My hair is generally short anyway, so I thought at least if it’s shaved it won’t be as traumatic. Fingers crossed. Mind you I’ll be taking the tissues.

    Glad to hear your treatment has ended.

    Karen x

  • Hi 1962KI

    I'm also on the same  chemo drugs every 3 weeks and have 2 more to go.  I noticed the scalp being tender more so.on cycles one and two and felt like someone tugging at my hair constantly,  I am glad to say it's settled now.  Wishing you well throughout your treatment.  X

  • Forgot to add that I've had reactions to Paclitaxel for three cycles,  the fourth one  I had carboplatin only  whilst the Oncologist explored other options. One option is to see if Pharmacist can desensitise the Paclitaxel and this is what I'm going to try next cycle in June   hopefully you won't be as unlucky as me, apparently its quite common to have a reaction but very rare to have reactions at every chemo cycle.  Watch this space.  LOL. X

  • Hi Mad

    Within 15 mins of my first cycle they had to stop as I became hot, headache and felt like a weight on my chest. They gave me steroids, antihistamines and saline. Dr insisted I had a chest X-ray and Ecg before continuing again 3 hours later. Started half rate for an hour and then put it back up to normal. Hoping next week goes ok. Hope they sort yours out.

    Karen x

  • Thanks Karen I hope my next one goes uneventful. I'm done with dramas!

    I can't wait to finish the Chemo, I've also  put on 2kg so far and think this is down to the enormous steroid doses which also make you forever hungry.

    On the third Chemo I was asked to take steroids two days before as well as the dose they gave by IV in the day and then the Three days after chemo too.

    I hope your second Chemo goes well and you're able to complete the course. Is it six or four cycles you need?


  • Hi Mad

    i hope your next session goes well, I understand about wanting the chemo to finish - I’m with you there.

    The Oncologist said I was having four cycles, but when I received the schedule it was for six. Asked them about it and was told that’s what they were told to arrange. Fingers crossed for only four.

    My hair has started coming out in the past few days, so I went to my hairdresser yesterday and got her to shave it off. Surprisingly I actually felt better for it.

    Good luck

    love Karen xx