Waiting and worrying


  1. I'm currently on a 2wk fast track for a hysteroscopy as when I went for a transvaginal scan last week they noticed my endometrial thickness was over 30mm i asked if there was any polyps and she said no as I had this back in 2019 with a polyp,this time it all feels different I've got pain in both hips more right than left and back pain on lower right side so of course my brain is going crazy with worry I'm 48 and haven't started menopause I think hard to say as not had period for 5 months, any advice would be appreciated so thank you all in advance.
  • Hallo savvyshibby, welcome to the group. I feel for you with worrying as it hard to get on top of, especially with the waiting. I had my transvaginal scan a week after I saw my GP (and was put on the 2 week pathway) and a hysteroscopy a week later, as my hospital books both at the same time then cancels the hysteroscopy of not needed! As you’re also on the 2 week pathway, I imagine you will get your date very soon, even possibly at short notice. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do, but try not to let your mind race ahead and definitely don’t Google your symptoms (I’m suspecting you may have been already because of being concerned about your hip and back pain - which could well be unrelated). What day last week did you have your scan and how long before that did you see your GP?

  • I had my scan last week Thursday and my last g.p telephone consultation was about 2 weeks before that, they very slow at my g.p and atm still no face to face consultations I can sense there is a problem but dont want to overthink it.

    Thanks for replying 

  • I’m sure your hospital will be much more switched on and will sort your appointment really soon. You may even get a phone call rather than a letter. You don’t really need to have seen your GP at all and now that you’re in the 2 week system things should speed up. 

  • Hi Savvyshibby, I am also on the two week pathway, had my scan on the Friday afternoon, Monday got a call from gp telling me my endometrium is too thick and has a lacey appearance and was put on the pathway, two days later I got my hysteroscopy booked for 16th of this month, I was told I'd wait two weeks which is next Monday. I have googled everything and buried myself from all types of cancer but the last couple of days I seem to have calmed down and stopped upsetting myself,  through this group I've realised I'm certainly not alone on this journey,  everyone is kind and knows the turmoil that goes on inside,  try and calm the waters you won't have much longer to wait I'm sure xx

  • Phew its comforting to know I'm not alone but sadly I'm still waiting for my appointment for hysteroscopy I have rang everyday this week and all I'm getting is we have no openings so you just gonna have to wait till a slot is available I explained what it was for etc but they not interested I'm being fobbed off everyday and the woman I spoke to a few times is so rude with attitude I asked roughly how long and she said maybe 3 weeks before I hear so just wait and we will call you, my mind is frantic trying to stay positive but feel myself drifting to think of the worse.

    Thanks for replying 

  • savvyshibby, I do appreciate that you’re worried and that the waiting is awful. However I’m surprised you’ve been phoning every day as I don’t think you’re up to your 2 weeks yet since your TV scan. They can’t invent appointments that aren’t there and have a strict order to follow. They’re not fobbing you off, they have to do things in the order they’re given, and I’d strongly recommend that you just wait and let the process happen as I think you may be making things worse for yourself continually phoning as well as taking up the time of the person you’re calling (and maybe preventing others getting through). I do hear you that it’s extremely worrying and frustrating having to wait, and a very anxious time, but they’re doing their best, and you *will* hear when the time is right. I’d suggest maybe leaving it till next Thursday or Friday before trying again.

  • Hi  savvyshibby

    I'm sure it was 3 weeks after my transvaginal scan that I got appointment to attend for hysteroscopy. I don't think it makes that much difference and mine is or was a high grade cancer, by the time I had my operation it was a whole two months later ! 

    I got myself in a right state thinking it (cancer)was growing out of control. In the end my story was a good outcome with the cancer contained in the womb and graded at stage 1a. Goes to show that all that waiting didn't make too much difference.

    I know it's easy for me to say this but please try not to worry, whatever it is, it will be dealt with very soon! Try to keep occupied and time will fly.

    Wishing you the best outcome. Xxx

  • I received a letter from g.p with the 2wwk referral number and to contact the gynae dept if I had not received anything by the 23rd I'm not sure which part of the uk you might be living in but here in certain parts of London we still aren't getting face to face consultations and seeing or hearing from a doctor or specialist is disgraceful, but thx for advice.

  • Hi again savvyshibby, my understanding (which may of course not be correct!) is that the 2 week pathway indicates the maximum time aimed for between the various stages, eg between the first referral and the trans vaginal scan. And then between the scan and the hysteroscopy, then between the hysteroscopy and results, etc.  I was fortunate to have my hysteroscopy appointment a week after my scan, but that’s because my hospital book that appointment for a week after the scan, to save time, then cancel it if not needed, Only waiting a week between the two isn’t the norm I think - from what I’ve read on the group most women wait longer. If you only had your scan the week before last, then it’s only 2 weeks this coming week isn’t it? I’m in Southampton and things are very busy here. Most time goals were met during my diagnosis and treatment, though there was a 3 week ago rather than 2 between my referral for a hysteroscopy under GA (my first one failed) and it happening. There was also then a 4 week gap between my hysteroscopy results and my pre-assessment, then a 5 week gap till my op. I hear you that you’re worried and that the waiting is tough, but I’m sure everyone is doing the best they can. FWIW I didn’t see my consultant face to face for quite a while - not till the MRI and chest x Ray results after my cancer diagnosis (which I had been given by phone) - that was 26/11 and I’d originally been referred on 14/9.