Uterine Serous Carcinoma

Hi has anyone on here been diagnosed with this one? I'm terrified as the pathology report states high grade and the surgeon is away for 2 weeks but they assure me the scan reveals its not spread outside the womb? Is 2 - 3 weeks critical in having the hysterectomy? I feel like it must be as prognosis is poor for this type of cancer. Seeing the surgeon this morning, I'm a wreck, stomach upset don't want to eat but know I should. 

  • Hi PickNik,

    I am sorry you are going through this it is awful but lets keep things in perspective, I also had high grade, the good news is it has not spread outside the Womb so 2-3 weeks is not a critical waiting time in fact I had to wait 2 weeks for my surgery which is pretty standard if they were overly worried they would do something sooner ! I know this is stomach churning & this is a normal reaction as this is a lot to process right now.

    Try & have a tea or coffee with maybe a biscuit or a slice of toast to help settle your tummy it really does help. I am not sure who told you the Prognosis for this type of Cancer is poor or if maybe you read it on the internet, but what they can do today is amazing, I know I have been through it myself.

    What time is your appointment ?? The Surgeon will make things a lot clearer, so please ask them any questions & tell them about your concerns & also please keep talking & asking questions on here it really does help as we have all been where you are now.

    Sending Love & Hugs HuggingHugging

    We are Stronger than we Know !
  • Hi Picnik,

    I had my operation delayed by two weeks because they had an emergency. I was cross because I had got worked up for nothing, but pleased that I was not deemed an emergency!

    In my various dealings with cancer (read my profile) I have learnt that if the cancer is contained in something, like the womb, cyst, etc. its easier to deal with, and usually successful. Like Just says if they thought it was urgent they would do something sooner.

    You must try to keep your nutrition going. It will help you get over the operation quicker. All the best. xxxxx

  • Hi Just65, thankyou so much for your prompt reply and reassurance and sorry that you have suffered this too. , I'm eating toast as we speak. My stomach was doing somersaults! Did you have to have chemo afterwards and how long since your op, how are you doing now? A huge hug back x

  • Hi PicnNik,

    Glad to hear you are eating something, empty tummies just make that sicky feeling worse. Yes I did have Chemo afterwards & some Radiotherapy as one tiny node was affected, so they were being very cautious, but like you mine had not spread but this does NOT mean that you will have to have Chemo or other treatments. I had my surgery in April 2019 followed by other treatments over a period of time & I am doing really well, as I said ask any questions you want at your appointment & if you do not understand anything ask them to explain again they really do not mind.

    Please let us know how you get on today we are all here for you & as I said earlier things will be a bit clearer after your appointment.

    Sending Love & Hugs Hugging

    We are Stronger than we Know !
  • Thank you Just65 and I'm pleased to hear you are doing well. Kissing heartBouquet

  • Thankyou Nanny Annie, I am generally a positive person and teach meditation, eat well, ride a bike 3 times a week and have a good partner and friend network. Maybe I'm a control freek and I can't coPrayrol these timescales. You are all so positive, amazing and inspirationalPrayHeart️ a big hug for you

  • Hi PicNik

    I was diagnosed with high grade serous five years ago. I waited four weeks from diagnosis to surgery. I think this is pretty average. I recovered quickly and just had internal radiotherapy in four 10 min doses. I have been fortunate to enjoy good health since. I know it is very worrying but it really is best to try to take each stage as it comes. Very best wishes. Xx

  • Hi Ema56

    I saw consultant today, it could be up to 5 weeks from now before I get my op and that terrifies me. 

    Thank you for message, it gives me hope, the covid issue is starting to affect hospitals again as the 2nd spike rises which preys on my mind that it could be delayed even longer. Maybe I'm just a woBouquetier but I can feel this thing inside me. I'm pleased to hear you are in good healthBouquetKissing heart

  • Sorry to hear about this worry you have . Yes indeed the raising cases of covid-19 is causing lots of worries out there. So I can totally respect your  perfectly normal concerns, Macmillan launched a campaign earlier in lockdown about the forgotten c as people had come and said about operations being cancelled and delays in treatment so its understandable to be worried. Have your consultant said that there could be any problems maybe a call to your CNS may help to get reassurance and guidance. I know some people have deliberately self isolated for a few weeks before to give them the best chance of not picking up covid-19 and one less reason for delay. As well as consultants asking their patients this. Where I am from we have currently been put into a local lockdown no visits to other households and only use public transport if necessary etc and I have other health issues that have faced cancellation of appointments but cancer is different in my belief and I believe whole heartily that cancer you know you have but you may never get covid-19 so I believe they should still go ahead I have heard some treatments and Ops have been moved to what they call clean sites, or green zones in other places, often a private hospital maybe away from the general hospital so that cancer patients can have their treatments as normal and  will led to risks of picking up covid-19. I think covid-19 isn't going to go away anytime soon sadly but by now things should be in place to treat cancer patients and I will have my fingers crossed for you that everything goes to plan I know five weeks is a long time it was about that for me too, but I was found to be low stage but from scans it looked worse I was one to be downgraded after my op it can happen. But definitely maybe worth a call to your CNS and explain your worries they should be able to give you an ides of what's happening. Good luck and sending you a gentle hug.

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  • Thankyou GBear, I appreciate you taking the time for this reply. Difficult times for all. I'm going to talk to GP also about ereferral system to see if there is another hospital that can do the op quicker xx