Waiting times- vaginal lumps

I’m new to forum and not sure what I’m looking for but felt there maybe others who’ve been in my place of worry and waiting. A vaginal cyst was found last year when I was pregnant when had some bleeding but was told it would probably burst when delivered and was not raised again. At 37 weeks pregnant a kidney tumour was found, liver lesions and polyps on colon. Kidney removed as cancerous with low risk of recurrence and liver lesions benign and polyps removed. Then had kidney stones with blocked the ureter to my only kidney, emergency and planned surgeries have resolved this recently. Recently found lump still there and GP referred to gynaecologist. Have since found another lump next to it. Rung outpatients and was advised waiting list is 26 weeks. Had planned to speak to urologist to see if scans over the last year would show anything but my appointment this week was cancelled. Worried how to manage anxiety for the wait and about another cancer or worse still, mets from kidney cancer. It’s likely a cyst and unsure if this would require treatment or not but would like reassurance. 
Did people just have lump/s prior to diagnose or was there other symptoms as well. 

  • Hi I am surprised that your GP did not refer you to gynaecology on the 2 week cancer protocol if you have a lump in your vagina. NICE guidelines say this should be an urgent referral, which is what my  GP did for a lesion in my vagina . And that was the only symptom I had. Suggest you get back to your GP to ask for 2 week referral.

    Best of luck, it is a scary time.