Feeling different


I've had 2 operations to remove Leiomyosarcoma from the Labia, this has left me with a numb patch (which I expected due to the size of the excision). 

I had surgery at the end of March and I'm still adjusting to how things "feel". Sitting, standing, walking, going to the toilet.... it just feels so different. 

How do you cope/deal/feel... it's so hard to explain

Thanks for any support/advise


  • Hi  and welcome to the Online Community. I just dropped by and noticed you've not had a reply as yet to your post. I myself have a different cancer so unfortunately I can't offer any advice. Whilst waiting for someone on this forum to answer, it might be an idea to contact your CNS. You could also Ask a NurseJust click on the link I've created - but you may need to wait a couple of days to receive an answer.

    Sending you all the best. B x

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  • Thank you for responding MrsBJH, glad your treatment has been a success. Thankfully mine is too as my 3 month CT scan is clear. I'm on 2 years of 3 month CT scan too!

    I imagine using dilators etc is hard work too, I'm fortunate not to need them at this time. For me its just probably a case of adjusting to how things "feel" when walking, sitting, driving and other Pleasures! It's a case of time will tell. 

    Would be nice to chat with someone who can empathise.

    Take care and sending all the best, Chrissy x

  • Hi Chrissy,

    I've not had the same op as you, i had vaginal cancer and have suffered with pretty bad stenosis (ulceration and lots of other stuff..its like the gift that just keeps on give :) )  sitting has got better with time...if you need a chat, don't hesitate to drop me a message 

    Shelley x