Hello all 

I have been diagnosed and treated for vaginal cancer two and a half years ago (radical chemo radiation, both internal and external).

About year ago I have been also diagnosed with mouth cancer - two times surgery to remove that. 

My mouth is still showing signs of strange cells and my surgeon's team are keeping and eye on that for the time being. 

My vaginal cancer seems to have returned, I have a lump and discharge which started a couple of weeks ago. I had an MRI scan last week and am anxiously waiting for results. 

I also have an extremely sore hip. Could the two be linked? I understand that the radiation can damage the hip joint. but could it also be a sign of recurring cancer?  

Has anyone had a similar experience? I would appreciate some advice as to what to expect next. I have never met anyone else with vaginal cancer although I know a few people with other gynaecological cancers from our local Maggies group. 

Looking forward to hearing from you 

  • Hi and a second warm welcome to the online community

    I'm sorry to see that after my friend Thehighlander directed you to this group none of the members have felt able to help with your query. It could be that they haven't had a recurrence so don't know what happens next.

    I don't have the experience you need as I had a different type of cancer but I'm hoping that replying to you and, therefore, 'bumping' your post back to the top of the discussions list, some of the group's members may come forward.

    Do you know when you're likely to get the results of your MRI?


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  • Hello Latchbrook, thank you for replying to my message. 

    I guess it is a long shot as vaginal cancer is relatively rare. 

    I'm unsure when I will get the results for my MRI scan. I am going with the longer it takes, the more reason to be cheerful as I hope they will act fast if they find anything sinister. I had the scan on Thursday last week and it usually takes two to three weeks to get results. My next appointment is beginning of May which seems a long time to wait. Hopefully find out sooner!


  • Yes, two to three weeks can feel like months when you're waiting for results but I hope they come through quicker than that for you.

    Do come back and let us know how you get on.


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  • I have had a phone call from my consultant oncologist who told me that they did find something and now I am waiting to see a gynaecologist next Tuesday. This is not filling me with confidence although I try to concentrate on planning a holiday in the summer and I am busy making packing lists and organising itineraries. I also remind myself that it could simply be a polyp or some scar tissue. here's hoping 

  • At least planning a holiday and making lists helps to keep your mind occupied Slight smile

    As you say it could still be benign. My husband had a lesion removed from his leg a month ago and was told that he'd get the results through the post. The consultant was sure it was completely benign but as I was diagnosed a number of years ago with an unexpected melanoma my husband wanted it removed and biopsied.

    Anyway, instead of getting a letter telling him what it was he got a letter asking him to attend an appointment this morning. When he went in the consultant started by saying she'd called him in because it wasn't what she'd expected. Of course he immediately thought the worst but it was still okay, thank goodness!


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     "Never regret a day in your life, good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience"
  • Hi I had vaginal cancer 2018, surgery and then radiotherapy internal and external. I had 26 lymph nodes removed. I now have lymphodema which causes my left leg to swell. I am wearing compression. Before this happened I had no real aches and pains. Since the treatment I feel like my hip, back and knees ache and are very painful. Like you I have been wondering if the radiotherapy has damaged my bones etc. I am also wondering if my back pain is something to do with the lymphodema. It is very difficult to find answers.