Post radiotherapy problem keeping me awake

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Can’t find much online about this problem so thought I’d see if anyone else knows what I’m going through.  I finished my treatment last week. Every night I get the most intense anal itching - I mean, it’s so intense that my whole body twitches. I have  been using germaloids cream for a while  as I can definitely feel some bumps that I think are haemorhoids but the itching is getting worse. It only happens at night! I’ve tried using an ice pack - bit of an awkward shape for the area Joy

hee I am 4hrs later still awake and twitching all over. Help!! Google mentions itching but this is not just itching it’s really severe. What do I do? 

  • Hello. Sorry to hear about problems that you are facing. While not exactly the same, but I sometimes get haemorhoids - not in connection with cancer treatment. I found that germaloids cream make it worse for me. So I use baby’s rash cream like sudocream.  It also helps to make sure that the area is always very clean. I use creamed wetwipes for sensitive areas like contiplan wipes. I have to stress again that this is not in connection with reaction to cancer treatment 

  • Thanks, I’ll try that.  Certainly the germaloids isn’t helping anyway! 

  • Hello. Sorry to hear you're going through this. I had a lot of damage in that area after radiotherapy and experienced a lot of pain and itching as a result. It was also worse at night for me too. I kept the area clean and moisturised (I used either Cetraben or Zeroderm ointment) and also ended up using some breathing exercises as these helped to distract and calm me down from the uncomfortable sensations. Headspace on Youtube is a good place to find these. I didn't find any topical cream worked that well for me other than a bit of short term relief but it might be worth asking your nurse or gp if they can suggest anything.  Other than that, I made sure to stay hydrated as this helps with healing. 18 months on from my diagnosis I still drink 2 litres of water a day and probably always will! It takes time but will get better.

  • Thankyou. 
    I switched to anusol and hydrocortisone, and am using witch hazel inbetween. It’s improved but not altogether gone. Think I may have been allergic to the Germaloids cream