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I have a cancerous lump in my vaginal wall that is 5cm. What have been the sizes of other peoples lumps as I need to know if this is the normal size for something like this. 
I oniw it might sound weird it I don’t know if this is the normal size that you get or if it is bigger or smaller than other peoples ones 

  • Hi Genie Girl

    So sorry to hear your news, mine was bigger and was pushing into my vagina wall (bowel cancer). I don't think size really matters its just whether its cancerous or not. 

    I'm happy to try and help with any questions you have, I have found the forums very supportive during my journey.

    MacMillan are always great and on the end of the phone too. 

    Big hugs


  • Hi 

    We’ve spoken before on the group and I hope you’re doing ok. I’m not sure it’s helpful to try and compare tumour sizes as things can vary so much for everyone. And people can have vaginal tumours for various reasons. Mine was cervical cancer, but growing into the vagina. It was much smaller than many of the other ladies I’ve spoken to with my cancer, yet I’ve had the most major surgery so you just can’t really tell anything much from tumour size. Type of cancer cells and location are often more important considerations, and how people react to treatment. And I don’t think you can say anything is a “normal” size as cancers grow at different rates in individuals, and are discovered at different stages. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi, Genie Girl ,

    Mine started as the size of a pea and ended up the size if a large plumb in my vulva/vagina (about 5-8cm). 2 surgeries later I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, its been hard but I'm now clear and 3 montly scans to keep checking. At nearly 48 it's causing me to be daily aware due to perimenopause, dry and tight vaginal wall etc but thankfull it been removed. I hope you get a diagnoses amd treatment to fight whichever type of cancer it is. Rea h out on here to anyone that can help you through this.

    Hugs and best wishes, Chrissy xx

  • Hi sarah

    i was only asking as mine has gotten so much bigger than when I was first diagnosed. It’s also very pain full to sit or move about

    i just wish I could start some kind of treatment soon 

    thanks for the reply 

    take care. Xxxx

  • Hi sarah

    i think I’ve sent a reply twice. I’m still not sure how to reply so I send it to the moderator as that’s the problem not way I know how to do it 

    I’ve since been told that it might be possible to have surgery but I’ll have to wait another week to find  out for definite. The cancer has also went into my lymph nodes in my groin so I’m not sure how this will be dealt with

    has anyone else had their cancerous tumor removed through surgery from their vaginal wall. 
    any advice would be helpful 

    love and best wishes to all

    genie girl xx

  • Hi Genie girl

    I’m sorry to hear how difficult things are with pain and sitting down, and can appreciate you just want some sort of treatment to start. My tumour was growing into the vaginal wall from my cervix and initially I had radio and chemo. When it recurred it grew quickly and spread over my womb and bladder and my tumour was around 5cm in size when I finally had surgery. I was in a lot of pain, but I ended up having a total pelvic exenteration so my vagina was completely removed along with lots of other things. However my cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes so I’ve not got experience of that. All the waiting around for a plan of action is so hard when you’re in pain, so I really feel for you. 

    Sarah xx

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  • So, mine was 4.5cm, the way my oncologist described it "imagine your vagina as a clock...well it goes from 2 o'clock to 8 o' was lower down the vaginal wall, I was lucky (if you can call it that) that it had not breached towards the bladder, or things would have been very different..

    My treatment was; 25 rounds of radiotherapy, 5 rounds of cisplatin (only managed 4 because it affected my hearing) and 4 high doses of brachytherapy...

    Surgery to remove cancer in that area is their last resort because of what it involves...I had some node involvement, but the radiotherapy obliterated that too!

    My advice, write down all the questions you want to ask because when you get in that room with the various specialists, your mind goes blank...then you come out and think of all the things you wanted to ask..! 

    I am 3 years NED now, had my last clear scan in March, there is light at the end of the tunnel...try to stay positive, it'll make the journey a damn sight easier..