What happens at 6 week check up ?

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I've finished my treatment which consisted of 6 weeks chemo , 5 weeks chemoradiotherapy and 4 brachytherapy. I have an appointment with my oncologist on Tuesday which will be 6 weeks post treatment. My question is what might I expect from this meeting ? I'm worried about having an internal examination as things are still a little sore especially after using the dilatory. I left a message with my CNS but she hasn't got back to me. Wondering what others experience was at the 6 week check up.

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    For me at my six week check I had a chat first about how I was feeling, a feel round my groin/abdomen checking for any enlarged lymphnodes, and then an internal exam. I was using the dilators but wasn’t sore so it wasn’t an issue for me. However, I’d let your consultant know you’re feeling tender before he/she starts the examination. I’ve always had internal examinations and my consultant or registrar has been gentle so I’ve found it ok, and it’s been over quickly.

    If you find it too uncomfortable you can ask for them to stop at any time, but normally it’s quite important to see how things are after treatment so hopefully you can manage to cope with it. 

    Sarah xx

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