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I am really struggling with symptoms and worried so much I cannot sleep.

i have been suffering brown bloody discharge and fresh red bleeding between periods, I suffer daily with lower back pain, lower abdominal pain and left leg pain. The pain is quite horrific even with painkillers. I suffer leg numbness and tingling and my toes go numb

Sex causes bleeding, and pain throughout the day after sex. I  have discovered what seem like growths inside and connected to my vaginal wall, they have a cell bumpy like surface and I would say they have got larger in the past month to about the size of a grape. 

Now the problem I have is I went to the doctor with the bleeding and pain I was given a clear smear test just of the cervix. My question is “ would a vaginal cancer be missed by a cervical smear” I did not know I had the masses inside my vagina at the time of the smear about 7 months ago, however I have since been back to the doctor but she just said they are due to me getting older (36) and didn’t even examine me. She then referred me to physio for my back 

any advice would be so very gratefully appreciated. Thank you 

  • Hi Belle11,

    Oh my gosh please please please get to the hospital, don’t hesitate your health is really important.

    I am so worried about what you are saying.  Have they not told you what this mass is?  What the hell are they playing at?

    Have you telephoned you doctor for help and advice.  I so wish I lived close by because if I did I would be over to help you but I’m in County Down Northern Ireland xxx

    Please please let me know how you are faring, I’ve been unwell myself but that’s ok I know what’s wrong with me.  

    Please reply when possible and don’t take know for an answer, they have a duty of care to you my lovely.

    Millions of hugs and  Blessings to you from Carol xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Shelley,

    I’m a bit hit and miss with web sites, pass words etc I don’t know how many times I’ve been locked out of my account lol.                         If there was an award for the account holder with the most changed passwords I would win it, in fact I’d be in the Guinness  Book of Records lol.RoflSweat smileJoyRoflSweat smileJoy

    God Bless You Thank You for you very kind words.  However I feel it is you who is the kind beautiful person.  Pray tone1InnocentInnocentPray tone1                      You are so young to be facing this horrible disease and no matter how doctors try to cushion and sugar coat a cancer diagnosis it is the most gut wrenching, soul destroying information we have to try and absorb EVER. ScreamScreamScreamFearfulFearfulCold sweatCold sweatScreamScreamScream

    How are you now? What about pain, discomfort, side effects how are you coping with these?  How are your family coping also?

    Congratulations on sharing your story on Facebook that took Balls lol.  Thumbsup tone1Thumbsup tone1Thumbsup tone1Thumbsup tone1Thumbsup tone1.                                                                             Think of the young and older women who have read your story and have faced their worries and fears and rang the Doctor for an appointment.  You are amazing Shelley

    When I had a problem with my nether region I decided to keep it to myself and my doctor. However as my symptoms worsened and my fear intensified and my doctor kept brushing me off I had a melt down and had to tell my husband of my fear.   He nearly went ballistic and he made it his business to accompany me on every Doctors visit until they GOT THE MESSAGE lol.

    On Jun 5th 2019 I classify myself as six years in remission because that is the day they removed half of my vagina with the remaining tumour.  GOD IS GOOD INDEED.   I will continue to pray that you to will be told soon that you are in remission Shelley. 

    On this journey I now have radiation proctitis, radiation cystitis, double nephroscomy tubes, my bladder, bowel, rectum etc are all stuck together, I bleed 24/7 from my bladder and back passage sometimes heavy sometimes lightly which requires me to have blood or iron transfusions and B12 injections plus folic acid.   I’ve to go into hospital after Easter to have laser surgery to the rectum and to investigate the colon etc.   I have to wear day and night time pads.    

     I’m a real sexy mama with my urine bags strapped around my legs, a belly full of scars and my boobs well they have a mind of their own most mornings I find them under my armpits now lol  Stuck out tongue closed eyesHead bandageStuck out tongue winking eyeStuck out tongue closed eyesStuck out tongueRelieved


    Praying for you for a speedy recovery.  Keep on enjoying every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  We only come this way once.  I’m sending you a zillion hugs, kisses and best wishes.

    Love and Blessings from Carol xxxxxThumbsup tone1Thumbsup tone1HeartHeartKissing heartHeart eyes

  • Hi Carol,

    Sorry to give the bad news, but I've so many !!!'s After my passwords because I've forgotten them I'd beat you hands down lol.

    My symptoms from the treatment are getting better, blimey I can pee standing in the shower now, that was one of my happiest moments..I suffered with terrible burns, my poor bits were in a terrible state, it was like the holy grail finding something that helped,well Yes VM has done the trick.  Since cutting the dilators down to every other day, I'm not "dribbling" I really need to do the pelvic floor exercises more lol.

    Bowels are better, a stong coffee in the morning seems to do the trick and I feel ready for the day, it's still quite painful to go, but having been at a stage where I had to use instilagel and cried at the thought,I can happily deal with a "firery" feeling once a day! I've been to bowl movement hell, it's a walk in the park now! 

    I'm just in limbo at the moment, I had my MRI last Tuesday, it's been nearly 4 months since the treatment finished and the 29th will be the day when I find out if the unwanted lodger has been evicteGrin or if I surgery, I quite like my vagina and I'd like to keep it Grin but, I've got a 6 year old little boy and I'd rather see him grow up, they can take what they like, the thought of it upsets me, but my love for my son makes it ok.

    We go through so much as women and how many of us have to suffer because GPs don't listen? 

    Sending you a massive hug, you truly are a kind and thoughtful person, I'm so glad I joined this site, because only we know how it feels to go through what we have been through and are still to this day going through.

    I hope they can ease your discomfort.


  • Hi Belle11

    Hope they've managed to help with the bleeding.

    Xx Shelley

  • Hi Shelly oh I’m so happy that I’m crying writing this.  So glad the symptoms are easing, it’s like they say it takes time and we always say but how much time lol.  I want it sorted now lol   Your a brilliantly strong kind lady and I hope you have a partner who has been by your side through this journey. There is a song that I sing to myself sometimes YES IM MAD  it’s called always look on the bright side if life.

    I’m sure your little son sees and senses the change in you.  The fact that your pain has eased a bit and your able to pee and poop takes a lot of pressure away from you.  Your less worried about going on journeys either short or long (before you were probably trussed up like a turkey for fear of dribbling or having an accident) I can relate to that lol. 

    I am only reading this on the 22/04 as I dropped my IPad and had to get a new one, Thats what i get for falling asleep with it in bed. My Consultant told me that generally if they find anything on an MRI or CT Scan they inform you within five days.  Please let me know if you have any results yet as you mention the 29th.   

    On my daughters Birthday 05/06/13  I had half of my vagina removed. They told me that the tumour had shrunk and that all the radiotherapy 35 sessions, 2 internal brachia and 6 chemo had done their job. Your probably asking yourself like I did. why remove it, to be sure it didn’t come back.  It was removed in 2013 so I am 6 years cancer free, if I could find a bell I’d ring it right now lol. My bladder and bowel are tethered to my rectum and what’s left of my vagina. This is very painful. I’ve to go into hospital on 01/05 for a colonoscopy, laser surgery and they are going to take a biopsy. They told me when they were in the colon they would take a biopsy, I thought yeah have a party why don’t you lol.  You get on with life Shelly that’s what we women and mothers are fab at. We suck in our tummies, take a deep breathe, stick our assets out in front making sure we have an uplifting bra on and we smile and face the world.

    My bladder stopped working that’s why I took sepsis in my kidneys. I was rushed into theatre at 4 o’clock on Christmas Eve 2015 and yes my Christmas gifts were beautiful matching bags, they are not Gucci, Guess, Prada or any brand name so I was disappointed about that. I have double nephroscomy tubes which I hate with a vengeance. I can’t wear tights, skirts, dresses unless they are maxi. I cant wear normal trousers because they hurt my nep tube sites and they show all the lumps bumps strap marks, so they have to be baggy and loose. I can’t wear crops either because the urine bags hang below the trouser line (really classy not) lol.   I’m not allowed to have a bath it must be showers, I’m not allowed to swim because the nep tubes cannot be immersed in water.  To go on holiday would require a bag alone for my meds, night bags, day bags, night stands, day time pads,  night time pads, the insurance is more expensive than the holiday Joy lol     My husband and I have a good old laugh at the thought of me sunbathing with a urine bag on either side bubbling away in the sun, me plastered in sun cream, boiling hot and unable to cool down in the pool.  I think if I did get into the pool there would be an immediate evacuation Sweat smileJoyRoflStuck out tongue winking eye

    But as you read this I hope you can tell that I still have my sense of humour. I have like yourself bad days, dark days, why me God days, I hate life days, but I’m glad to say these are becoming less and less now.  Yes I miss my vagina but I was 58 when it was removed. The love my husband and I share for each other has been immeasurable. He cries when I cry, laughs when I laugh and runs for cover when I have a meltdown lol.

    I am on Facebook but I don’t post much if you want to send me a friend request we can chat through messenger.  My name is Carol MIllar Allen.  I look forward to hearing your results, praying all will be well.  Take Care always.  Sorry for the long message but I hope I gave you a giggle reading my post.  God Bless xxxxx 

  • Hi Belle,  How are you, I have been praying for you.  Please let me know how you are.  With love and Blessings to you xxxxxxxxx

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