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Hi, I have recently been diagnosed (last Monday) with triple negative breast cancer. Still processing, had a ct last week which didn’t show any other areas for concern, thankfully. MRI tomorrow and genetic testing. 

  • Thank you so much for your reply, I hope your mum is doing well. My problem is I don’t retail n enough info from m appointments, can’t remember the questions I want to ask during them! 
    im going to write them down crm now on. 
    I start chemo next week so prepping for that at the mo. 

  • I feel very lucky, it feels a little like a postcode lottery to be honest x 

  • We recorded all the appointments on our mobiles with permission so we could listen back and take in what was said. We got some questions from this site to help us initially and handed them to the oncologist. 

    It must be a scary time for you, I've felt it just supporting my Mum but we are through the worst and I'll be crossing my fingers for the same for you. 

    As I tell my mum daily... You've got this. 

    If you don't have support at home, please use this forum to ask questions and talk. 

    Keep us updated on your journey xx 

  • Hi ClaraM, 
    I also have TNBC, grade 3, was diagnosed August. Just started my 5th cycle of chemo, then it will be surgery followed by radiology.  I’m still in the middle, but if there is anything you want to know I can tell you how it’s been for me & pass on any info I have learnt up to now.  It is hard to process everything the consultants & nurses tell you, especially at the beginning when you’re still getting over the shock.  I have a notebook & write any questions down as I think of them to ask the oncology team when they call!  I also had an MRI but no CT scan.  Also had the genetic testing which I think I worried about most as it felt a lot depended on the results, I think they took about 10 weeks to come through.  

  • Hi nikwock, 

    thank you for reaching out. It’s good to hear you are moving with treatment. your plan sounds similar to mine at the moment. 
    I’m treating myself to semi permanent brows today as it’s something I can control. 

  • Great idea about the brows, mine were ok with the EC chemo but have started thinning now I’m on Carbo & pax chemo. And I’ve lost a few lashes now too so have just ordered some falsies that look as natural as possible (but I’m terrible at fussing with things like that Joy)

    have they asked you about a picc line? Or the cold cap?

  • Hi, so pleased with my brows btw! I’m also rubbish with lashes, brows and basic with make up. I need all the help I can get. yes, they have I will have the cold cap to use. And they’ve said they will organise a picc line at my first chemo next week. Do you have one? How is it?
    I’ve missed lots of calls from the surgeon this morning and now I’m panicking as they were discussing my case again after the mri. I can’t cope with any more bad news. Just sat waiting for her to call back now 


  • Hope the phone call was ok - and glad you’re happy with your eyebrows, at least that’s one less thing to worry about Blush
    they tried the picc line but apparently my veins were too small! So I’ve had a central line into my chest.  I’m really glad I’ve had it though as my first chemo was through a cannula into my wrist and I’ve had a pulling and sore sensation ever since, although it is starting to improve . Also makes it easier as they take blood samples from it. Anyway, hope all is well x

  • Hi ClaraM, just wanted to reach out and let you know I’m in the  same boat as you - I was diagnosed on Nov 10 with grade 3, stage 3 (in one lymph node at least) TNBC. I’m starting chemo on Dec 4th. Are you taking immunotherapy too? It sounds like we’ll be on a similar journey so please reach out if you ever want to chat. Also on a side note, I have a 6 month old daughter called Clara, lovely name :) x

  • Hi mbristow I wad diagnosed in September and started my treatment in the October. I took the immunotherapy and chemo. I am on week 6 of treatment.