Triple negative

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Hi I was diagnosed with tnbc in November 2022.  I’m a fit healthy 56 year old, swim coach and fitness nut, real water baby, love all things Mother Nature and consider myself a good kind person, don’t drink or smoke so it came as a bit of a shock. I have to say at this point looking back I new nothing about breast cancer, let alone there were different types. Had my routine mammogram in June, nothing untoward showed, then found a small lum in the November. Since then it’s been a whirlwind.  Week before Christmas had a lumpectomy, which showed it hadn’t travelled to the lymph nodes but was a grade 3 and not a grade 2 as originally thought.  Gene testing was done as there was no history of any cancer in the family, this showed no bracca etc.

Had my first chemotherapy in early Feb and am on a 21 day cycle treatment plan, 3x3x.then radio.... maybe .just recently had my second chemotherapy, on the whole not been too bad, I remain positive, upbeat and my usual scatty self.  I get myself out walking every day and do as much exercise as I possibly can.  I tried the cold cap as advised by the nurses etc as I had a mop of hair, unfortunately it didn’t work for me.  At least I tried.  I came home and shaved it off, ( not going to let tnbc) make all my decisions.  As far as I’m concerned it’s a rubbish illness, none of us asked for this, but I won’t let it dictate to me and it won’t define who I am as a person.

I send all of you going through this, love and support, stay strong, we are all here for you.xx 5Chihuahuas

  • Hi, your journey sounds so similar to mine!  Diagnosed two days before Christmas, whirlwind of MRI's, Ultrasounds etc.  Lumpectomy in January, but unfortunately margins wern't clear, so another incision a couple of weeks ago, now all clear and start treatment in a couple of weeks.  I'm 57 and into all things fitness as well and this has all come as a complete shock to me and have been learning so much about it all in the last few weeks.  My plan going forward sounds very similar and will try and continue with everything I do now as much as I can to keep a sense of normality through it all.  Pleased to hear you haven't found things too bad so far, I'm really hoping I'll be able to carry on working part time.  Stay strong too and send all my love and support to everyone going through this crazy journey too xx

  • Hiya I was diagnosed at St Albans also and had my lumpectomy there.  Lovely hospital, but I opted to have my treatment at Mount vernon as it more or less on my doorstep.  I’ve learnt not to keep researching and researching as it’s a complete minefield.   I found sometimes it would bring me down.  So I decided to touch base with research or blog every so often.

    so I’m doing pretty well eating very healthy as usual, little and often,  which isn’t my norm in all honesty.  Lots of water, listen to your body, if it says you need a rest, do so.  Something I had to get used to.xx 5 Chihuahuas

  • My treatment will also be at Mount Vernon, much closer to me as well so am pleased about that.  I've joined a TNBC Facebook group which I've found really helpful too and more positive than some things that you come across like you say xx