Triple Negative BC

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I’m new here, supporting my daughter who was diagnosed with TNBC last year, she had 8 rounds of chemotherapy followed with a mastectomy, nodes were all clear, no further treatment was required. Then a little over three months later she’s back having another biopsy for a lump under her arm, results showed cancer cells had spread to underarm, collarbone and front of chest.  What I’m struggling with is they said to her that they would look at what meds they could give her and do surgery to remove all the nodes under the arm, now surgery is off the table and they will put her on chemo tablets, cancer is no longer curable.

it’s the frightening speed at which the cancer has spread and the fear of it reaching vital organs.  I have been reading other threads and it is such an awful disease, I would trade places with my beautiful daughter in a heartbeat! I find trying to stay positive the hardest, any advice would be great fully welcomed.

thank you


  • Hi cruisemummy. 

    Sorry to hear your new about your daughter. It's very hard to keep positive when your in this sort of situation. 

    Unfortunately I'm new to here and waiting results. So don't really have advice to give.  But I'm sure everyone will be here to support you and help you through this.

    Always here if you need to rant.

  • Thank you Travelling lady, I hope your results are not too scary and your Journey is not too long,

    likewise, if you need to share, please do, I’m no expert but I’m a good listener.

    Good Luck x

  • I have TNBC. It was found through a routine mammogram, I thought it was early stage, and like your daughter had clear nodes. Unfortunately it can also travel through the bloodstream and mine had unbeknowingly travelled to my liver. I found this our by accident though a scan done for another purpose. Once it’s in your blood or lymph stream, they need to try to treat it systemically. Surgery might be used on isolated mets to help control spread (my liver met was ablated). What they will want to do is see whether the treatment is working, by looking at what happens to your daughter’s mets. Have they tested her for PD-L1? This is a protein found in some TNBC that helps it hide from the immune system, and there are immunotherapy drugs that can help for some eligible people. 

    so sorry for you and your daughter. 

  • Thank you Coddfish

    im not sure what mets are, I’m also not sure if they have tested for PD-L1 I will ask, we only learned two days ago that it had spread to the lymph nodes under arm, collarbone and chest wall, they are going to put her on chemo tablets, not sure what they are called, but they have to do a blood test (which takes three weeks) to get the results, it’s to check her body’s sensitivity to this drug? 

    it’s definitely scary as hell right now,

    good luck with your journey and thank you Pray 

  • Hi Cruisemummy

    Welcome the forum and sorry to hear about your daughter.  There's a forum for the family and friends of cancer patients that you can also join to get support from other family members of cancer patients.   Here's the link: (+) Family and friends forum - Macmillan Online Community.  

    The best piece of advice that I can give you is to take things one day at a time and do whatever you need to do to get through this, whether it is to cry or rage against what's happening to you daughter.

    Wishing your daughter the best of luck with her treatment and to you as you support your daughter.

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you Daisy53, I will follow the link too.


  • Thanks Hun. I'm keeping positive, collecting as much information as possible so I can ask right questions and make the right decision on Monday. X

  • Mets = metastasis- ie where it has spread from the initial site to somewhere else. Definitely scary.