Hi! 26years old(f) New to all of this

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Hi all, 

I'm a 26 year old female, diagnosed in October with triple negative breast cancer. Currently having chemotherapy with the plan to have surgery after and Radiotherapy. Lost my hair, acid/indigestion an smell/taste changes with the chemo. exhausted constantly. 

No children yet but the hope that this won't take the option away for the future. Trying to move into our first house with my partner. Still working full time and feeling pretty run down to be honest, I have 3 months of chemo left. Will it get any easier?

  • I am sorry you find yourself in this horrible situation, especially at such a young age. I am guessing your chemo has two halves to it based on different drugs. The pattern will be different when you change to your second half regime,but it’s impossible to know which half you will find easier. Once established in the pattern, you tend to know how best to manage it. When I finished chemo I recovered quite quickly to around 90% or so, the last bit is taking longer although I am grateful to have stopped. Radiotherapy was easier although I have some burns which came out a few weeks afterwards.