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Hi all, wanted to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with tnbc in October and started treatment at the start of December. 
Currently on weekly paclitaxel and 3 weekly carboplatin and pembrolizumab. Anyone else on this?

I have found the past couple of weeks quite hard emotionally as it’s fair to say confidence has been knocked and usual ways of managing things aren’t an option at the moment. I would usually get in the sea but can’t do that now with picc line or get out for a good hike with the dogs but I get scared as heart rate shoots right up. 
It all feels rather isolating at the moment. 

So that’s pretty much where I’m at right now. It would be great to hear from people x

  • I have had Paclitaxel but not in combination with anything else. I found it quite tough being on a weekly treatment cycle as there is little respite. I have had a small liver secondary removed through ablation, and if it comes back there or anywhere else, I will go on Pembrolizumab plus more chemo. I am very interested in how you get on with the Pembrolizumab. 

  • Hi, I was diagnosed in August and have just finished chemo.  I had Paclitaxel weekly with Carboplatin and Pembrulizumab every 21 days.  I’ve just finished 3 EC with Pembrulizumab too.  I had a positive ultrasound result half way through.  Surgery is the end of January.