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Hi can anyone tell me why my sister who has TNBC , was told after her PET scan . “Good news the cancer hasn’t spread to other parts of your body “.Only to be told a week later “ you now have stage 4 breast cancer and there is nothing we can do , you will not be having surgery to remove the tumour “. Why was she given a glimpse of hope last week, only to be told the devastating news today. Please can anyone enlighten me as to why this might have happened. 

  • Hi Bowboy

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your sister having Stage 4 triple negative breast cancer.  I'm afraid I can't say why she was told that there wasn't any spread after her PET Scan only to be told a week later that she was terminal.  If she feels up to it might I suggest that she contacts the breast clinic to find out why it happened.  There is a family and friends forum that you can join to get support from other family members of loved ones going through cancer.  The following is the link to it:  Family and friends - Discussion Forum.

    Best wishes to you and your sister.


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