Life After TNBC

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Diagnosed Feb 2022. 7 rounds chemo pacli taxel and EC, finished August. Lumpectomy and 3 SLNB. Rads to go 19 sessions will be finished by Xmas. I have been given NED. Cancer had started to spread to clavicle, but chemo got it

Im really really starting to struggle with how I'm going to cope after my safety net of care has gone.  Every minute of the day my mind is taking up by cancer 

How do people move on. 

  • Hi Loopsyj,

    this is something we have all pondered on.  All i can really say is your bc team will always be there for advice/worries etc.  i also found this website so helpful,  to know that there are loads of us out there who have been through the same thing and know exactly how it feels.  Im 3 years on now,  duagnosed in 2017 with TN and then again in 2019.  I spoke to so many on here,  sometimes in the middle of the night when i was worrying it might come back for the third time but found it kinda settled my mind .  Most important is not to bottle up your feelings.  Take a walk every day to rest your mind and help get ur strength back and dont be too hard on yourself.

    if you want to chat at anytime just message me.  Stay string Thumbsup  We are all women " warriors " and have the scars to prove it  xx