Just diagnosed TNBC

Hi everyone

I've just been diagnosed with Stage1 Grade 2 TNBC. Early detection (7mm) from 1st routine mammogram, but still worried (only to be expected I suppose). I go in next Wednesday for lumpectomy and sentinal lymph node removal. Been told I will deffo need radiotherapy, but will avoid chemo if nodes are clear? Having read about recurrence rates for TNBC and also seen some of the discussions on here, should I be asking the question about chemo or just go along with the premise that its been found early enough that I don't need it? 

  • Hi Hugie

    That's a difficult question to answer.  My local hospital when I was first told of the diagnosis thought a mastectomy and no chemo.  A lumpectomy would also mean radiotherapy but no chemo. I had been under Guy's for genetic counselling and my first consultation there they were clear it would be chemotherapy whatever surgery I had.  This was because it was TNBC.  The oncologist was clear about the evidence from research for this type of cancer. This was her research interest.  My lump was 18mm and had not spread to the sentinel nodes. I have had a double mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction.  My last treatment was Friday.

    Personally, I would ask more questions.  I have more faith in Guy's than my local hospital. I hope that has been a help.

  • Hi - I was told that as my tumour was small at 14mm and no lymph nodes were affected I could consider the cancer removed. However as others have said because it was TNBC and therefore had an increased chance of returning especially as I couldn’t take any tablets - then chemotherapy and radiotherapy were suggested as a “belt and braces treatment”. For me I wanted to do everything I could to lessen the chance of the cancer returning so I went ahead. Won’t lie it was brutal but I took it one session and one day - sometimes one hour! - at a time. Finished treatment in nov 2021. No doubt I am a different person but in some strange ways I feel a better person - I try not to stress too much, I enjoy my life. I would also push for the chemo option to be given to you. Lx

  • I had an 18mm grade 3 TNBC and I was initially advised that the recommendation on chemo would depend on the pathology from the operation. Clear margins, no lymph node involvement but vascular invasion. I was recommended to have chemo.