Diagnosed 22nd July 2022

Wow what a shock, diagnosed with TNBC 22nd July, its certainly been a roller costedf emotionally.  First Chemo tomorrow feeling very scared.

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed with TNBC at he beginning of April and had a lumpectomy 3 weeks later.

    Started my chemotherapy (EC) in July and have now had 3 lots, three weeks apart. I assume it's the potential side effects that you are scared of but remember that you won't necessarily get all of them or even many of them.

    I haven't experienced nausea or sickness and generally just feel tired for about a week after the infusion. Then I begin to feel more 'normal' until by day 10 I feel completely normal again. I do lose my sense of taste for a few days after but have found that pineapple still tastes the same and if I eat spicy things like curries and chilli I can still taste them!

    Happy to share my experiences with you


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  • thank you for your reply, I am having weekly chemo for 12 weeks then EC chemo for 9 weeks 3 weeks apart. They are doing the chemo before surgery due to the size and nature of it.  Fingers crossed for you x

  • Looks like we're having treatment the opposite way round! After this 3 cycles of EC, 3 weeks apart, I'm going on to 12 weeks of paclitaxel.

    All the best x

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     "Never regret a day in your life, good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience"
  • I too was diagnosed with TNBC on 25th July and will be starting chemo on 6th Sept weekly for 9-12 weeks initially. Apprehensive about the potential side effects but keen to stop this growing inside me. Good luck with your treatment.

  • it very scary isn't it.  I am on the chemo ward now having my first double dose.  Just got to get this done and gone.

  • It was the shock that I struggled with and then the waiting where my mind was playing with me. I found a lump and was referred but assumed it was another cyst as I’d suffered previously from them. I’ve felt better since I spoke to the surgeon and oncologist last week and I’m busy organising things and having a few days away before treatment kicks off.  Hope today goes ok and perhaps you’ll let me know how you felt afterwards. Xx

  • My treatment plan sounds the same as yours - I am in tomorrow for round 3 - which marks the end of the first cycle Muscle tone1.  Good luck for your journey. x 

  • Hi I too was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer back in April. I'm on the FEC T Chemo regime, 6 lots three weeks apart. So far I've had 5 of my 6 and I'm due my final one in 2 weeks time.

    My first 3 of epirubicin and cyclophosphamide I managed relatively well and the side effects were not too bad. I did find my mouth got very dry and grainy and my legs and arms ached and tingled a bit but more so when I lay down.

    For 5 days after Chemo I have to give myself immune boosting injections which can give you flu like symptoms. With my first three lots of Chemo I didn't really feel it but for 4,5 & 6 I'm on a different drug called Docetaxel and I can definitely feel the difference. I ache and my glands in my neck swell up. My mouth is a bit worse too.

    Staying hydrated is really important to help with side effects. I really feel rubbish if I haven't drank enough. Oh and listen to your body and rest when you can. It can be hard to stay positive at times and everyone feels different but I am here to lend an ear if you just need to vent and say how rubbish it is.

    After my 6th lot I will have another MRI to decide what type of surgery is best so I am staying as positive as I can until then. I know it sounds cliche but try to take it one day at a time. You will get there. You can do this xx Maz