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Hi I was diagnosed on the 9th I have yet to see the oncologist and would like an insight as to what happens please? 

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed with TNBC from a routine mammogram. The mammogram picked up an area of calcification so I was recalled to see if it was DCIS or benign. Unfortunately when I had the second mammogram a tiny lump which couldn't be felt was also spotted along with DCIS.

    Everyone's treatment plan is specific to them so it's impossible to tell you exactly what will happen next but this is what happened to me.

    About 4 weeks after being told I had breast cancer I had a wire guided lumpectomy and 2 sentinel lymph nodes removed. At this stage they didn't know my complete diagnosis just that the cancer was grade 3.

    Three weeks later I went for my results and the surgeon told me that she had removed all the cancer but there were micro deposits in one lymph node. She also advised me that they now knew my breast cancer was triple negative. 

    About 3 weeks later I had an appointment with my oncologist who recommended that I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy to make sure that all the cancer cells were gone and to try and give me the best chance of it not recurring. He also told me that I was stage 1.

    I have had 2 cycles of chemotherapy, three weeks apart, and go for my next one on Thursday. After another 3 week break I'll be having weekly chemo for 12 weeks before the radiotherapy starts. So far, touch wood, I haven't had any horrible side effects from chemotherapy, except for loosing all my hair.

    Do you have a date for meeting the oncologist?

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  • Hi, thank you for your reply, I'm glad too hear that you don't have bad side effects.

    I was diagnosed on the 9th was all abit of a shock, I had 2 mammograms and a biopsy before my diagnosis.

    I was told 3 day's later that I was triple negative they was originally have a lumpectomy but that has changed to having chemo first.

    I'm waiting on my appointment too see the oncologist.

    I'm hoping to hear soon.

    It's all so much too take in as I felt no lump or abnormalitiesin my breast.

    How are you with everything that's going on? Do you have good support?

    Kind regards


  • Hi

    I'm fine thanks. This is my second time with cancer as I had a melanoma removed nearly 6 years ago now. I remember being really shocked when told I had melanoma but very calm this time around.

    I think I'm lucky that I have a mindset that just means I get on with it and don't spend ages worrying about something I can't change. However, I appreciate that everyone reacts differently when dealing with cancer.

    I'm supported by my husband who does all the cooking and housework for the first week after each chemotherapy session as I feel under the weather and tired and I've found that if I try and do too much I just feel worse. My friends all know about my diagnosis and I speak to them regularly on Facetime.

    What about you? Do you have a support network in place?


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  • Hi, you are doing amazing you should be proud of yourself.

    I just want too get my treatment started so I can get on with dealing with what may be ahead.

    Like you it is what it is I can't change it so onwards and upwards.

    I have a loving partner who will try his best too support me, I've advised that he also gets support for himself.

    I have 3 great kids that are there for me but I have 8 grandkids that I'm worried about as they are fairly young and won't understand but I'm getting advice on how too tell them without making it scary for them.

    I will fight my hardest too beat this as I can tell you are too.

    Good luck with your treatment you've beat it once I'm sure you can do it again.

    Darlene x

  • Macmillan have some really good advice on how to talk to a child when an adult has cancer . Clicking here will take you to that information and clicking here will take you to a booklet which you can either download or order from Macmillan.

    All the best with your treatment too


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