Just been diagnosed

Hi all

i have had my yearly mammogram as I had breast cancer in left breast when I was 25 and had braca 1 gene at that time they only did a lumpectomy and found it had spread to 3 of my lymph nodes so tool all my lymph nodes out. Also 2 years later they did a full hysterectomy as risk of ovarian cancer

I am now 55 yrs old. I have been told I have invasive breast cancer grade 3 triple Negative in my right breast the lump is only 14mm but has spread to breast tissue..
They did  biopsy for lymph nodes as it was enlarged but  they didn’t have enough cells so did another biopsy. They called me back next week 21/07/22, when hopefully I will see breast surgeon. Who they say might still not tel me what treatment I need if lymph nodes are positive! They will do bone scan etc then decide what treatment/surgery I will need. 
I was seen by clinical radiologist and breast care nurse who didn’t want to tell me anything except to have the lymph node biopsy but I insisted I needed to know the result of my lump biopsy as I hadn’t slept for 2 weeks waiting for this result! 

I am sooo scared as my 2 sisters died of breast cancer and ovarian cancer at ages 40 and 42. 

I just wondered if I should just ask for a full mastectomy and I’m so scared chemo will not work as it didn’t help both sisters (by the way they both had the Braca 1 gene)

just reaching out to like minded ppl who can give me some positivity as I don’t think I have the fight in me like before.

  • My TNBC was found on a routine mammogram in January and I had a WLE and sentinel node biopsy in March. They didn’t test me for BRCA1/2 given I am in my 60s and there is no family history. My lymph nodes were clear, the tumour was 18mm but had vascular invasion so could have already sent its babies off to my liver, brain, bones etc., and I am now going through chemo as a mop up. I have no way of knowing whether I had microscopic spread before surgery, and no way of knowing whether the chemo will work if I did have spread.

    I think at 14mm then the lymph node biopsy will determine whether they do more scans, and whether they offer neo-adjuvant or adjuvant chemo. The advantage of the former is giving them an understanding of whether the chemo is working for you or not, something that seems very relevant given your sisters’ experiences. As for mastectomy I wasn’t offered one with a small tumour in a large breast, they told me surgery plus radiotherapy was as effective at reducing the risk of local recurrence.

    Wishing you all the best. 

  • Thnku sooo very much for replying I’m so sorry u went through this too. It’s giving me a bit of hope reading ur experiences thnku again and best wishes xxx