Sister Diagnosed with TNBC

My sister was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma last week and today the doctor called and said it is TNBC.  I immediately googled it and its scary.  What source has the best information regarding this type of cancer?  How do we know she's getting the best treatment?  She is in amazing shape, super healthy with a great immune system.  Everyone is just in shock. I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

  • I think it’s best to trust the hospital to give her the right treatment. I also have TNBC and am currently undergoing chemo. They will stage her cancer and then work from there.

    I would try not to Google it too much, there’s a lot of out of date info out there. The information on this MacMillan site, breast cancer now, cancer research Uk, should all be reliable but isn’t particularly detailed or focused on TNBC. There’s an American triple negative foundation site that’s reliable. You can subscribe to a medical site called UptoDate (you can buy a week’s subscription) and access the latest medical recommendations (it’s American but the UK protocols are similar except for some similar but different first choice chemo drugs, based on which ones received approval first in the country). If you look at academic papers they can also add other nuances but also scare you. 

  • Thank you so very much.