Stage 2 TNBC and grade 3 lump.

Hi folks, 

I am 43 and I was diagnosed in early May and started my treatment on June 8th. I have my third of 4 cycles of AC1 tomorrow and then I will have 12 weekly cycles of one drug with a 4th every 3 weeks in that 12. So far fatigue seems to be my main side affect so I am thankful that sickness is not an issue yet but it’s still tough. I have almost lost my hair and I’m accepting of it now but I did find the whole experience emotional. I have a gorgeous husband who is so supportive and 3 gorgeous boys aged 11,9 and 6. They are making me so proud with their resilience but I so wish they didn’t have to be so brave. Doesn’t it feel like your life is on pause?! Especially off the back of covid it feels a little like being back in lockdown because we have to be so careful again that i don’t get sick. I’m coping pretty well but it doesn’t mean I find it easy. I’m acutely aware that if I crumble it will have a knock on affect to my husband and boys. Also it’s easier to try keeps things normal for everyone. I try to remind myself it’s only temporary and normal life will resume next year. I am a runner and I think the hardest part is having to give it up as my fitness just seemed to go downhill from last October. I will definitely get back to it though when this cloud passes and that will be my main focus but god do I miss it!! Hoping you are all doing well. I guess I’m looking to hear some positive stories from people who understand what I’m talking about. Thanks for reading and hope you are all doing ok on your journey also xxx

  • I am also a runner with TNBC having chemo. I have had 3 (of 4) cycles of EC and will switch to weekly Paclitaxel afterwards. I found I was able to run reasonably well through weeks 2 and 3 of the first cycle, but it’s been a bit harder subsequently. Mainly I think because of the effect of the chemo on my blood cells so therefore making it more difficult to take oxygen around. I am determined to keep doing what I can on the basis it significantly aids my mental health and should help me recover afterwards. I have been told it’s easier on Paclitaxel. I think it’s worth trying even if you know you are slower / walking more, especially towards the end of each cycle. 

  • Thanks for the reply Coddfish! I do try do walk/jogs and I’m walking now instead of running but I just don’t seem to be able to maintain it and haven’t been able for months. I thought it was peri menopause and that could still be a factor but I just don’t even get endorphins anymore. Also I have gained a stone or so since last year so I guess that doesn’t help either but I think it’s all connected. I’m so glad to hear you can still maintain some! It’s so good for the head. I hope you can keep it up going forward x

  • Hi Milliemop

    I was diagnosed last year and stage 3. After chemo and surgery in October I was given the all clear.I 

    also started my chemo on 8 June. It is gruelling especially the tiredness especially, but so worth it although I’ll be honest after the forth round I could have given up. My family gave me support to continue. Be brave and listen to your body you will run again once the chemo ends. Like you during chemo good days I walked my little dog and when I didn’t feel great he was by my side. 

    I lost my hair 2 weeks after the first chemo round. I now have hair about 2.5 inches long. it’s still thick but very soft like baby hair. 

    what I’m trying to assure you on there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a bit like child birth you soon forget the bad bits. However, all those wonderful fellow cancer suffers, doctors and nurses you will meet in your journey. You are not alone. Very best wishes to you and your family

  • Thanks so much Lebs! That definitely makes me feel better for what’s ahead. I’m on my way to have my third dose now and I’m so glad I read this before as it has lifted my spirits a bit so thank you Pray . I’m so glad to hear that you are out the other side and I hope you get to have a lovely summer after such a tough year previously! Thanks for taking the time to reply xx

  • Aww I’m the same age as you, 2 kids 7 and 10. I finished iv chemo on Feb then mastectomy and all nodes removed. Then radiotherapy abd now oral chemo. Totally totally sick of all the cancer Poop . How you getting on?x

  • Hi Koala22,

    Thanks so much for your reply. How did you find the surgery? Hope you are doing well on that score and are healing well. Yes I totally empathise with being sick of it all and I’m only 3 months of treatment in. I still have 7 treatments to go due to a couple of weeks being postponed due to low white cells and I developed a clot in my leg due to the cancer in my first lot of treatment. On daily blood thinner injections now. 
    It’s just all consuming isn’t it?, while you’re doing your best to keep things normal for the kids. I’m  looking forward to getting past the first hurdle and finishing chemo but a bit nervous about the surgery which is yet to be decided what it will be. 

    How long do you have to take the oral chemo for? Hope you are ok and wishing you all the best x


  • Hi I had a mastectomy and it was painful after but that’s partly as got an infection so back in hospital after for antibiotics.

    i wouldn’t worry re the surgery (know it’s easier said then done). I didn’t have reconstruction as couldn’t deal with any more decisions at that time. I have restricted movement in arm but physio helping. 

    on thr chemo tabs for 8 cycles, just finished my 5th x

  • Sorry to hear you had complications Koala22. It’s such a long road. Hope you are finished soon and can get your life back Heart️. Keep in touch and thinking of you. Milliemop x