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Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with HER2 triple negative breast cancer Aug 2021.  I had six rounds of neoadjuvant chemo followed by a double mastectomy (I opted to have both breasts removed) and have just completed 15 rounds of radiotherapy.  Unfortunately cancer had spread to lymph nodes so I am about to commence 1 year of capecitabine chemo tablets (& bone tablets).  I would love to speak to anyone already on these tablets to know how you are managing as I really hope to be able to return to work if at all possible.

I am very open to discussing my cancer experience if it would help anyone who has any questions.  I'm also interested in how people manage to cope with the thoughts of cancer returning and how you find ways of not allowing it to dominate your everyday thoughts.  I am a very positive person and don't want cancer to be the thing that defines me. 

  • My path is very similar to yours , I take the bone tablets and find them fine just make sure to sit up half an hour , I also took the capecitabine I found them fine to live every day life. Just drink plenty and moisturise feet and hands well I used udder cream.

    the fear of reaccurrance is always there but we have a advantage over a person who hasn’t had cancer as we will be investigated quicker. I only worry if symptoms last longer than 2 weeks. I take control of the fear by altering the things that can reduce reaccurrance such as diet , taking high strength omega 3 and a aspirin 

  • Hi Dc6, thanks for your response. It’s good to talk to someone who is going through a similar experience to myself. I’m due to start the tablets next week and hopefully they won’t cause me too many side effects. I have some  Udder Cream and am booked in on the next Maggie’s Centre nutrition webinar.  I wasn’t aware of benefits of Omega  3 and aspirin but will certainly discuss it at my next appointment or during webinar. 

    I guess it might take a bit of time to get my head round learning to live with fear of reoccurrence, hopefully it will fade from the forefront of my mind as I gradually reintroduce other things, like work, back into my life. All good wishes to you and everyone else who may be on our path too.