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Hi , I am still waiting to start chemo so newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  Where the tumour is I'm having sharp pains. I was just wondering if anyone else has expressed pain because they say cancer is painless? 

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    Sorry you haven't had an answer to your question. I haven't got an answer to your question but I notice that you are a member of the breast cancer forum as well, so maybe ask your question there as you are more likely to get an answer as it's a busier forum than this one.

    Hope you are doing ok.

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  • I am newly diagnosed. The reason I went was because I was getting pain in my right breast though actually it turns out it was in my left. They thought the pain was unrelated but I have had some twinges in the left since. I don’t know whether it’s just because I know something is there now though. I hope everything goes well for you, sorry, I don’t have the words. I’m waiting for lumpectomy first.

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    Hello Star I have just joined online today and noticed your question coming up. 

    I had sharp pains in my right breast where the tumour was I then went to the GP where a lump was discovered.

    I guess the tumour was maybe pressing on some nerve endings which alerted me there was something wrong.I was diagnosed with ER/PR + breast cancer and am undergoing treatment atm had a right breast mastectomy am healing well and taking the medication treatment tablets.

    There was pain in the right breast with my diagnosis after a mammogram, ultra sound, biopsie and four scans my left breast was found to be all clear.  I did have a little pain in my left breast as well however it appeared to be sensitivity to the time of the month. 

    I hope this helps.


  • I am recently diagnosed and I had exactly the same.  Pain like stinging and burning my oncologist said biopsy would have caused it. Mine now seems yo come and go but I agree hormones fo appear to make it worse.

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    I took some paracetamol when I had the pain was at work when I noticed it was like a sharp stabbing pain have had my right breast mastcetomy and healing slowly and well thank goodness.  Lots of good luck for your treatment xo