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Hi , I've been recently diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I have had all my scans and i am seeing the consultant tomorrow with hopefully a start date for chemo.  It has gone to my lymph node which concerns me.  Just wondering if anyone else has this and spread to lymph node? It's such a scary time isnt it.  I think the plan is 6 cycles over 5 and a half months then the operation. 

  • Hi @Star and welcome to the community.  It certainly is very scary especially to begin with while your waiting for all the tests and results.  Lots of ladies have spread to lymph nodes and they have still been treatable and are now fine.  I was really worried about spread when I was first diagnosed and I came across a number of ladies who had to have all the armpit lymph nodes removed because of spread and they were fine and cancer free.  

    I know it's scary and it's very normal to panic but treatment has come a long way over the years and unless you've been told it's not treatable then chances are you will beat this.

    Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

  • Thsnk you x all the best .

  • Hi Star Im currently having chemo (EC and Paclitaxel) which for me hasn’t been bad at all.  I hope your consultation went well and you have a start date now. I don’t have lymph node involvement but there are many ladies that do and have successful treatment.  Best wishes

  • Still no confirmed date yet. I sign the consent forms on Monday so hopefully not long After that . This waiting is not good is it . I'm also having the gene test next week.  All the best to you too x

  • The waiting is really hard.  I’m positive for a gene called PALB2 so having double mastectomy (already had lumpectomy) when I finish chemo.  Hopefully you’ll be negative but good you’re being checked x

  • It is  difficult. I'm sorry to hear this..wishing you all the best . Thank you  x

  • Hi Star

    I hope you had a good meeting with your consultant.

    I had the same diagnosis as you. When I had all the tests done at the clinic I had a positive biopsie in one node (only one concerned them) and then my MRI scan confirmed activity in all my lymphnodes on my effected side. Since then I've had 4 rounds of EC and 4 of paxitaxol, a lumpectomy and 7 nodes removed. My post surgery results showed I had a complete response to chemo with no evidence of disease! I know everyone isn't the same but like you the  thing that worried me most was my lympnodes - so I was over the moon that chemo did such a good job.

    I'm just about to move onto my final treatment stage - radiation and then I'll be done with treatment.

    Wishing you all the very best for chemo!



  • Thank you.  You too BC be gone x