Hello, I’ve just joined.

I was diagnosed with TNBC just before Christmas.

I am having my PICC in tomorrow and start Chemotherapy on Thursday.

Hoping that I’m not too poorly with the Chemo and that it works! 

Apart from my husband no one else knows,  is it possible to go through the treatment without telling people? 

  • Hi Kit sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed,  I have same diagnosis as you.  I have had surgery and currently having chemo, done three EC and now on Paclitaxel for the first time today. I didn’t find EC too bad.  I tried the cold cap but lost most of my hair so gave up after two attempts.  I’m not sure it would be possible to go through chemo without telling people for this reason alone if you decide not to cold cap.   I decided to tell those that I thought would handle it the best first.  I didn’t tell others until after my lumpectomy when I was in a better frame of mind. 

    Good luck hope your chemotherapy goes well on Thursday x

  • Hi and welcome to the community.  Sorry you find yourself here there.

    I didn't tell anyone either just my husband one friend and the night before surgery I also told my children.  

    Since you are having chemo it might be a bit harder to keep to yourself but it depends on how poorly or not chemo makes you although you can always keep yourself to yourself on any days you are feeling poorly.  I imagine that people will only know suspect something  if the chemo causes you to loose your hair so you might want to give the cold cap a go as some ladies have found that it worked for them.

    I completely understand why you wouldn't want anyone to know and I hope that if that's what you want that you are able to keep it all to yourself.  Some people have regretted telling friends and family and other people have found it really helpful because they got lots of help and support.  

    Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

  • I felt exactly the same but had to tell people in the end…work, not socialising, many trips to hospital (seeing people I knew), then losing my big curls ( I’d never find a wig!)……If you’re naturally a quiet home bird, you might get away with it! My aunt did…..

  • Hi, thank you for your message, I hope that you are feeling OK after your Chemo, I've decide against using a cold cap, mainly because I don't like the cold! I have a wig, but i'm not sure I will get away with it looking like my natural hair!

    I have had my PICC in today so all ready to go, I've heard a few people say that they coped with EC, so trying to stay positive.  All the best Slight smile

  • Hi, thank you for your reply, I can see I might need to tell some people, such as my tennis coach now I have my PICC in!.  I think that telling family and close friends will be the most difficult, but I'll see how it goes.  

    All the best and take care Slight smile

  • Thank you for your message, I'm not ready myself yet, I am fine most of the time, but unable to talk about it without the tears flowing, I expect things change over time Slight smile

  • Hi Kit I was on EC and had very little side effects. I was amazed how well I felt. Good luck and hope you feel the same x

  • Thank you so much for the positive message 

  • Your welcome losing my hair was traumatic but I was told I would but it still comes as a shock when it starts. A wee hint buy Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. I also used a soft toothbrush and I’m pleased to say I had no mouth ulcers all through my treatment. Also drink about 2 litres of water the day after your chemo. This helps flush the toxins out your system and definitely helped me, xxx

  • Thank you Abigail, my dentist has given me some special toothpaste, but I’ll get myself some of the mouthwash.