Hello, I’m new here.

Found this group by pure accident, I have been diagnosed with Metastatic TNBC, also found by accident after a scan for my gallbladder.  Anyway so far everything they have found is small so that is giving me hope for the future and I have to stay positive, although that can be difficult. So I’m praying and keeping everything crossed that the chemo does it’s job. 

  • Hi I was diagnosed with triple negative last August. I had two tumours. Finished my chemo and have had a good response to the tumours. I am getting a mastectomy on the 28th Feb. Decided on mastectomy rather than lumpectomy due to having two tumours in left breast.  Good luck and I sure the chemo will work. Do you know what type of chemo you are getting. I had 3 sessions of EC then 9 weekly paclitaxel with Carbo given every third week. 
    Im here in you want to ask me anything xxx

  • Hi Abigail15, thanks for getting back to me,  I’m getting EC, I had my second one yesterday, one more then a scan, because my cancer has spread to my lung they have decided not to do a mastectomy or lumpectomy, not sure if they will do radiotherapy.  My hair is now coming out, I’m shedding more than the dog!  Im not sure how to approach this subject with my granddaughter who is 4 years old and notices everything.

  • I found telling my children that I had cancer was very difficult. I’m 64. My hair fell out very quickly after my 2nd session. Within a week it was nearly gone. It’s so hard  losing your hair but the way I looked at it was for every  hair lost I hope the chemo is killing a cancer cell. I was fine on EC no bad side effects. I had to have my 9th weekly chemo cancelled due to developing neuropathy in my hands. I hope and pray the EC will work for you and you will get a good response. Xxx

  • Thanks, I didn’t look at it like that, just what I needed. X

  • Hi just checking to see how you are ? Xxx

  • Aww Thank you, I’m doing ok, had to shave my head yesterday, no point in walking about with a comb over.  On the plus side my wig is ready for collection. So off to the town to pick it up. I’ve also signed up for a yoga class and made contact with a local group of ladies who are living with secondary cancer.  I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. 

    I hope you are doing well. You’ll be on the count down for your surgery. Xx

  • Hi that’s good you have a wig…I’ve got one too and wear it visiting my daughter etc. just wear little hats / beanies in the house. 
    that’s a great idea joining the yoga class and meeting other ladies .I used to enjoy my chats with the ladies at the chemo clinic and picked up some good hints from them. Yes I’m on countdown now. That’s almost 3 weeks since I finished my chemo and the neuropathy in my hands in starting to ease off a bit. Xxx

  • That’s great your hands are on the mend, I don’t plan on wearing my wig everyday I think the wee hats will do me fine, just when I go out or to see my grand daughters.  It also feels a bit tight, but they did say that just till you get used to it, I did think it would be warmer but it’s a cold wind where I am so I still felt like I needed a hat todayJoy  Xx

  • Hello, just thought I’d let you know I’m thinking of you and pray all goes well on Monday. Good luck. Xx