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I was diagnosed with grade 2 TNBC in November.  I started chemo a week before Christmas and so far apart from fatigue I've been feeling ok. 

I lost my husband to lung cancer 3 days into the 1st lockdown.  I cared for him at home with no outside help until the day before he passed when hospice at home nurses came in . 

My husband was palliative from diagnosis and was given two years, in reality we had 6mth. 

My diagnosis did come as a shock. But the worst part was telling my children. I'm mostly positive as it's treatable ( which after hubby's experience I was worried about) The thing I am really struggling with is going from being the carer ( I'm also a community carer, and as well as looking after my husband when he had cancer , had looked after him for other illnesses for a number of years) to being the cared for. 

Has anyone else felt this?

  • Hi Listedpoppy

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with TNBC.  I'm also sorry to hear that you lost your husband to lung cancer during the first lockdown.  While I haven't any experience of being a carer I thought I'd welcome you to the forum as you haven't had any replies yet.  Hopefully someone with the same experience as yourself will be along soon.  If you'd like I suggest that you join the Breast Cancer forum as it's a much busier forum than this one and there are plenty of ladies there who have had or have TNBC.   You can copy and paste your introduction go the other breast cancer forum to save yourself having to type it all out again.  The link for the breast cancer forum is the following: Breast cancer forum.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of your treatment.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi 

    I'm so sorry you have been diagnosed with cancer. There is never a good time but how awful so soon after losing your husband to it too. 

    I would say that having cared for your husband and it sounds like you care so well for others, let others look after you now. It's not anywhere close to what you have experienced but I know as a working mum it's difficult to step back and let others care for you when this is what you are so used to doing. 

    Take lots of care and accept all the help given so that you can come through this and heal.

    Lots of love