Hi I’m new

Hi , diagnosed TNBC In June finished chemo and had surgery , starting radio in a week , is there any hope ?

  • Good morning. Yes there is hope , I have been same path as you a year of treatment chemo surgery radiotherapy and chemo. I now am achieving a normal life no lasting side effects in fact less back pain and more energy than before as I now know what is important in life.  I know this isn’t everybodies experience but it can be yours as well 

  • Hi Dc6, thanks Thanks for the reply, I find it all really hard to cope, got kids at school/ Covid risk , just keep crying, is this normal ???

  • It is normal , you will overcome this feeling it is the cycle of grief but if it doesn’t reach out and have counselling through McMillan or see if there is a local cancer auppport group. Talking to people who are going through the same thing helps. 

  • Hi - yes there is hope, I was diagnosed Dec 2009 with TNBC.  I am still here,  did have another diagnosis in 2016 in other boob - told unrelated (not TNBC return)  just unfortunate !!.   Thinking of you, hoping your radio treatment went well xx