I need to make a decision but not sure what to do.

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I could really use some advice. I have already done a post similar to this on the breast cancer group but think it may be more releent here. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 12th june. I found out yesterday that it is triple negative grade 3. The doc said that this combined with my age (36) rings alarm bells and suggested i consider genetic testing. I said i was a little unsure as i would like to do it as i have a son and 2 daughters and would like to know if there is a possibility of passing this gene on to them. At the same time though i am very worried about the implications this could have on my husband being able to claim on my life insurance should something happen to me that is cancer related. The nurse said she would call guys to see if i would be eligible as if i'm not then the decision doesn't need to be made.

Well the nurse has just called and not only do i meet the criteria for the testing but they will also fast track it if i want to so i can hold off on treatment til i have the results. She is calling me back tomorrow to see if i have made any decisions. They have said i am not under any pressure to come to a decision but i don't want to hold up my treatment any longer than i have to. Also i don't want to go ahead with lumpectomy if i am going to end up possibly having mastectomy anyway.

I just don't know which way to go.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks kelly x

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    Hello Kelly

    I am one of the Financial Guides at Macmillan and hope that I can reassure you on the questions you raised on life assurance. Please see our profile for more information on the service we offer.

    In respect of existing life insurance, your cover cannot be invalidated as a result of a predictive test for a genetic mutation taken since the cover commenced. If you require further cover, you are not required to disclose details of a predictive test for any policies worth up to £500,000 (including any existing cover), or up to £300,000 for critical illness cover. This is in the agreement created by the Association of British Insurers mentioned by the previous respondent to your earlier post. Please note that if you have cancer, you are unlikely to be able to obtain new cover anyway whilst you are undergoing treatment and then for some time afterwards.

    If you wish to discuss this in a less public forum, then please ring us on 0808 808 2232 or email us on financialguidance@macmillan.org.uk

    Kind regards.


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    Thankyou very much for the info, i feel quite reassured about my existing policy now. I have decided to go ahead with the testing and will tell the nurse tomorrow.

    thanks again

  • Hi Kelzy 

    how Are you doing? 
    it’s been 9 years just wondering how you are 

    I am in my 1st year remission Pray tone1