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So I am part way through my journey. Had six months of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy 3.5 weeks ago.

I generally have good days but today I just can't seem to stop crying. I am so fed up with not being able to do things and waiting for my results.

 What do you all do to get though this?

  • You are ahead of me on this horrible journey. I’ve just finished chemo and seeing the surgeon next week to find out what next steps in terms of what type of surgery and when. . 
    I think that it just feels like a very long journey and you get past one part of it but then realise you aren’t finished. I know when I finished chemo I was relieved but still feel I have such a long way to go. 
    take care and big hugs x

  • Thanks for your reply X I am feeling much better today. 

    I have got more mobility back and I can reach to get a plate out of the cupboard which has made a huge difference. 

    I know I will feel better once I know what the plan is.

    Good luck for your surgeon's appointment. Are you taking someone with you?

  • Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like a more positive day for you. 

    My mum will come with me for my appointment. Usually it’s either my mum or my boyfriend who go with me. They are a tag team!