What do I take?

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I have my first chemo session tomorrow (woke up thinking about this!) - can anyone advise what is best to take? 

I am out of my depth with all this and keen to get started! Anxiety is floating slightly. 

Haven’t had a great weekend mentally. Wish it wasn’t happening and hope my journey is successful. 
Awaiting results of genetic testing and CT scan makes me feel sick. 

I was advised my lymph node biopsy was negative and when the consultant felt last week, he couldn’t feel anything, however my armpit has been sore.

My partner says to stop worrying as it’s all being checked and treatment starts tomorrow but it’s the unknown. 
Anyone else had this? 

Gone off on a waffle - sorry! 

  • Hi  

    It's natural to worry about the unknown but you'll be well looked after in the chemotherapy suite.

    When you say "can anyone advise what is best to take" are you asking for suggestions of things to take with you when you go for chemo or suggested medication to take for your anxiety?

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  • Hello, 

    things to take with me to the chemo. 

    worry is my middle name. Just feel sick and bothered it’s got worse 


  • I had chemo at this time of the year and the chemo suite was usually very warm so I wore a thin top but took something with me to put round my shoulders, ie a jumper, incase it became cool. Bear in mind that once you're hooked up to the chemo you can't take anything off or put anything on that arm.

    I also wore trousers without fastenings because if you need to go to the toilet while having chemo, it's not easy doing up zips or buttons one handed!

    I didn't take any food or drink in with me as there was always coffee, tea, water and fruit juice available along with packets of biscuits. If I was there over lunchtime then I had a choice of sandwiches plus fruit and yoghurt.

    You need to take things with you to keep you entertained as you may be there for several hours. So you could take your phone, iPad with earphones, puzzle book, magazines, etc.

    Hope that helps

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  • Thank you for the advice. 

    I’ve just gone all over again. 
    The anxiety and worry is sometimes over bearing. Today is one of those days. 


  • Hi Missy219. I’ve had 15 lots of chemo up to now (1left). 
    I probably take too much with me but I take my phone to message my mum and boyfriend. Headphones, iPad to watch things. Magazines. I take a bottle with juice in it. A bag of boiled sweets in case I get a funny taste from the chemo. I take fruit with me to eat. They come round with tea, coffee and depending on time sandwiches but I’ve not had any of those. I wear trousers or leggings which are easy to pull up and down in case I need the loo mid treatment. I always wear a T-shirt and a cardigan or hoodie which I tend to take off. I find the chemo ward really warm but keep hoodie close by in case I want to put it over my shoulders. 

    This first one is hard, it’s the anticipation of the unknown. 

    good luck tomorrow 

  • Wow you go on your own. I’ve thought about going on my own with the shorter ones. 

    you sound like you’re doing so well! What type do you have? How old are you? 

    thank you for the advice. I took  advice and bought some joggers today. I usually wear gym pants but they are hard to pull down. I just want a slightly easy ride with certain things. I forgot the zip hoodie or cardigan so I’ve borrowed this fluffy night thing off my mum because I’m gonna try the cold cap and I was told to wrap up for it. 

    I’ve been told lots of things but they’ve disappeared out of my brain!! 

    my cousin bought me a ‘goody bag’ which contains mints, blanket, fluffy socks and wordsearch book.

    would you say the first one is hard because of the unknown or hard in other ways? 
    the unknown is awful. I’ve cried all day today. I thought I had my s**t together but nope!!

    thank you for messaging and giving me an insight xx

  • It’s hard because you don’t know what to expect. Once you get that first one over with you know a bit more. Just things like where you need to go etc can stress you out, but once you have been it should be easier.
    I am 55, I’ve had 12 lots of Paclitaxel, carboplatin. 7 lots of immunotherapy. I’ve now moved over and onto Epirubicin and cyclophosphamide (4 lot’s)  Yes where I have treatment they don’t allow you to take anyone on the ward with you, which I understand. 

  • How did you get on Missy219? Hope it went as well as it could. 

  • Hi what next, 

    Surprisingly went well. 
    thanks for the tips. I rocked the cold cap for 5 hours - proud of myself. 
    I didn’t feel any of the fluid being pumped but felt it coming out Joy 

    I would feel comfortable going on my own. I didn’t take a blanket but they gave me one as I was a bit nippy when I had the cap on. 

    thank you for checking in on me - very kind!

    Hope you’re okay. 
    my first semester is 1 down and 11 to go!! Roll on the next one xx

  • Glad it went as well as it could go. First one out of the way, get counting them down!