Money - help!

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does anyone know whether you are able to claim any support while going through chemo? 

My consultant has signed me off for 6 months and SSP isn’t going to go far! 
I know I can claim UC but what about PIP as cancer is classed as a disability? 

car park is sorted as I know how to do that - brilliant set up near me! 
do you get travelling costs? If so, is it easy to claim. 

I called yesterday about a wig and my voucher is £80! I don’t think it’s going to get me far. 

just another stress when I already feel stressed, 

Any advice please xx

  • Right Missy, get on to the lovely Macmillan advisors. They will give you all the info you need. I believe you can call the line to chat to them (number will be in this website somewhere) or speak to them via the hospital where you have your treatment. They've got a little desk area set up at mine, I wonder if you have that too? I don't know all about this, but I have heard about PIP mentioned mate, have a good old chat with them, they will sort you out on this front xx

  • Thanks - I have an appointment this Friday to discuss with someone and supposingly they are great and help you xx