Breast lump seems bigger 2 weeks after biopsy!

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Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new here, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last Friday so everything is still a bit of a whirlwind at the moment. 
My biopsy was 2 weeks ago and I swear the lump has doubled in size and it has become more sore than it was before. Has anybody else experienced this? I’m sure it’s just swelling from the core needle but it’s alarming to see the lump so much bigger than it was

thanks xx

  • Hi Bumble bug,

    Sorry to hear your going through tncb, I was diagnosed with the same in April 2023.

    Chances are it's swollen from your procedure but have a chat with your breast care nurse, it might put your mind at rest.

    I always thought my lump was huge, even when other people said different. Of course it's going to feel huge to the person that has it.

    Hopefully when you start chemo you'll be able to notice the lump getting smaller, as the treatment kicks in.

    Stay positive and keep fighting this. If you need anything reach out. xx

  • Hi Sunshine,

    thank you so much for your reply, I feel like I’m questioning absolutely everything at the moment and panicking about every tiny detail. I’m sure that’s normal but I wish I could stop overthinking. I’ve contacted my breast care nurse and just waiting for a call back now.

    thanks again for chatting, I really appreciate it x

  • Hi Bumble bug,

    I questioned everything too and you need to, to take in and understand everything your going through. It's so much to deal with.

    I'm an overthinker too, luckily my husband could talk sense into me and I decided to do everything I could do to help myself through this.

    Hopefully your phone call will put your mind at rest.

    If you have any questions or need help at all, I'm here xx

  • The breast nurse called me this afternoon and I feel much better, thank you Pray tone1 

    we’re our own worst enemies with overthinking, aren’t we? Although in this this situation I think we can be forgiven! xx

  • So glad the nurse put your mind at ease, I'm happy your feeling better.

    Yes we are our own worst enemies at times, don't be to hard on yourself either. Your going through a very tough time.

    Good luck with your journey, take care and kick ass xx 

  • Thank you Heartpulse and the best of luck with your journey too. I’ve got a feeling I may be reaching out to you a few more times as my treatment goes forward if that’s okay? Xx

  • Yes of course, I'm here if you need anything. xx

    I have two more immunotherapy sessions to go and my treatment will be done. I'll be on my own then which is just as scary. xx

  • I’ve read a lot of blogs where people feel similar to you when their treatment is done - I suppose after being monitored constantly for so long to then go it alone must be a very strange feeling, I’m sure I’ll be the same.

    you’ve got this, we both do Muscle tone1 xx