Invasive triple negative breast cancer

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Hi Everyone 

I'm new here ..

I have today been told that I have invasive triple negative breast cancer.. 16th April.

Chemotherapy is to start in about 4 - 6 weeks.

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer on 11th March and have had biopsies, marker clip inserted into my breast.

I feel like everything is taking so long before treatment is to start.... Has anyone else felt like this?

I apparently have cancer cells in a lymph node too ...

I'm finding the waiting for treatment to start, is worrying.

  • Hi Basket 

    so sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with TNBC, it is hard waiting for treatments to start but once they do you will feel more in control. I was diagnosed March 23 , had lumpectomy April then started chemo in June till end of sept I then had more surgery  in Oct as my margins were not clear from the lumpectomy. Radiotherapy Dec , I’m starting bio phosphates next week and I have had a clear mammogram so all good .

    I know it’s scary but you will get through it sending you a big hug and best wishes for your journey x

  • Hi Basket

    Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with TNBC, I too was diagnosed in late July 2022 I had two large tumours one behind the other and I had to have chemo to shrink them so I could have a mammoplasty, I had to wait for 4-6 weeks for my chemo to start too of which I had 8 sessions in total and I had my surgery last April then some radiotherapy and then chemo tablets as a preventative. The waiting can be a worry, but I had the best service with the breast nurses who reassured me every time I felt that way. Talking will help you and ask questions. Being positive will really help you. Good Luck on your journey. 

  • Thank you for reaching out to me. All this has come as a shock, I did not see or feel any symptoms. How are you coping now? Any side effects from any of your treatments? I hope you don't mind me asking questions.

    Many thanks again with a hug and love x

  • Hi ... Thank you for your message ... May I ask, since you have been through your treatment plan ... How do you feel now? Has life changed much? Are you still healing from the chemotherapy etc?

  • Hi Basket

    I did feel very tired with having chemo, because it is a trauma that your body goes through, I was lucky I had no other side effects at all, but that is all taken care of. It does take a while for you to get back to normal and I feel better now. Life has not changed much for me in that respect . Just glad to be out the other side. Please just be positive in yourself it helps having that mind set.  It was scary being told the news, but it is sink or swim time, so you fight through it. Keep active if you can a little exercise every day helps. Have a very good circle of friends and family around you helps give you strength.  If you need a further chat I am here.

  • Hi

    i found the EC chemo not too bad I felt like I had a hangover and abit sickly and tired but tried to keep going .The Docetaxol was harder for me I had a rash very sore mouth loss of taste and I now have neuropathy in hands and feet . I got up everyday put my make on and wore lovely head turbans and everyone said I looked amazing !! That helps mentally. I didn’t work I have now retired from 40 yrs service as a Nurse manager in the NHS and living life to the full.

    stay positive you can’t do this my surgeon said people get through this if they are positive .

    take care sending hugs x

  • Hi 

    I’m through most of this now. Diagnosed June 23. Had it in two lymph nodes.  Just done chemo, surgery and radiotherapy.  I used the cold cap and it worked for me.  I did have the neuropathy but it has now faded too.  It does get better.  They are tough times.  Just shout if you have any questions. 

  • Hi Basket,

    The waiting is indeed the worst part of it all and I can totally sympathise. I was diagnosed with TNBC back in April '23 and am now on chemo tablets as a preventative measure. I'm currently waiting for scan results and I'm afraid to say the waiting does not get any easier! However, do keep giving yourself things to look forward to and keep talking about how you're feeling. I found it helps to keep a diary of everything too, which might have already been recommended to you. Best of luck with it all and please ask if you have any Qs. xx

    1. Hi. What scans did you have after your treatment?   I’ve completed chemo surgery and radio and would like scans now before I head back to work
  • I was diagnosed on 11th March too and completely understand the feeling of being in limbo, I too have had the clip inserted and had a kidney function test this week but the waiting I’m finding hard. Just to know a date when treatment will start so I can plan around it a bit would help. Also worried that it’s growing and possibly spreading in this time too Cry but just think I can’t control it, just got to go with it. Thinking of you c