Breast surgery

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Hi All , Happy Easter Hatching chick,

I was diagnosed with TNBC in July and have had the usual 12 weeks of weekly chemo & immunotherapy then another 12 weeks of 3 weekly different chemo . 
I had a lumpectomy nearly 4 weeks ago with lymph node clearance and have a drain in situ . 
The drain is still draining 100-200 mls a day and lots of tissue and blood . 
How long before I get the magical 50mls for 2 days ? Then they can remove it .

The tubing keeps getting blocked with all this gross tissue and I’m pretty fed up with it ?

Any advice ?

  • Hi are you in contact with you BCN still. It does seem rather a long time to still have drains in. I think i would ask for some advice from them and also ask to see the surgeon again. I dont want to scare you  but if i was in your situation i would need to get it checked out. My drain was in for 5 days and so was my friends. If the tubing is getting blocked then that needs looking at too. definatly seek some advice,xx

  • Thanks Wino , I’ve been seeing DNs regularly as drain is bypassing . They said they sometimes stay in for 4 weeks ! I’d rather the fluid is out than in causing swelling ! I’m seeing surgeon this week & having dressing done today , need the patience of a saint !!!