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Hi Everyone,  I am under 40 and have been just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and presence in lymph nodes grade 3,  I am still awaiting further scans and treatment plan but I am looking to see if anyone has any advice on what i can be doing now, maybe diet wise, prepping my body? Looks like treatment plan will be chemo, surgery and then radio.

Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction

  • Hi Altogether , I was diagnosed with the same and have had the chemo and breast surgery , awaiting radiotherapy . Most important you keep healthy and eat well . The fitter you are the easier you wThumbsup tone2cope with it . It’s a hard path but prognosis is good Thumbsup tone2

  • Hi Outdoorgirl,

    Thank you for this. I’m glad to hear that you are through chemo and surgery. I have really no idea what I am in for. I hear lots of people saying not to eat meat and sugar so bit confused if I should do that or eat better. 

  • Hi Altogether , a good balanced diet is important plenty of fruit and veg ! Lots of women get constipated after chemo sessions due to the steroids so drink lots of healthy smoothies and fruit juice ! I lay off the alcohol for a few months as I thought that would nt help !!!

    Sometimes you won’t feel like eating but don’t worry as long as you keep hydrated !!

  • Hi Altogether,

    I hope your well.

    I was diagnosed in April 2023 with tnbc. Had 12 weekly sessions of chemo and immunotherapy, followed by 4 three weekly sessions. My lumpectomy was in October, then had radiotherapy in Jan 24 with immunotherapy until July 24.

    I have always been a healthy eater but I decided to up my game when I was diagnosed as I wanted to do everything I could to help myself. I started having veg and berry smoothies everyday and adopted the Mediterranean diet. I cut down on carbs and protein (made sure I was eating enough though) and cut out sugar. I have also stopped eating processed meats. It was hard but worth it and I didn't starve.

    Still keeping up with eating this way now just not so strict.

    I also exercised everyday to keep fit and healthy.

    Hope this helps and good luck with you fight xx

  • Hi I had op, chemo and I've just finished radio on Friday. I would eat anything that you can while having chemo and start eating healthier after chemo at least. Your appetite may be effected during chemo, you need to be strong so just eat what you can. Fruit salad became my go to.  There are foods that may react with chemo. You should get a list from hospital. I know I had to stop the hearble teads I drank until I finished chemo. Good luck x