Shoulder Pain

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Hi All,

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable time over the festive period.

Im due to start chemo on 11th Jan for TNBC and have been experiencing on and off sharp pain in my left shoulder like a tightness.  Has anyone had a similar experience? 


  • Hi CJar1

    While I haven't had pain in my shoulder before starting chemo I noticed that you haven't had any answers yet so I thought I'd reply to you to anyway.  I noticed that you are also a member of the Breast Cancer forum so I suggest that you put your question in that group as it's a busier group than this one and plenty of ladies and gents have been diagnosed with triple negative as well.

    Wishing you the best of luck with chemo.

    Best wishes


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  • Thanks Daisy53, appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.  

    Take care


  • Hi  has anyone come back to you. I am recently diagnosed. My treatment starts in 3 wks and i have been having pain in my shoulder also.