60 and been diasnosed TNBC

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I have recently been diagnosed with TNBC, have had my lumpectomy and sentinel node removed 11 days ago and yesterday at post op appointment told that although nodes clear  I need to go back for a further operation to remove more breast tissue  feeling very deflated as confirmed l was triple negative at the same time. Are there many other ladies confirmed triple negative in their 60's feeling very nervous. 

  • Hi Alison 

    sorry to hear that you have TN , I’m 58 diagnosed March had lumpectomy in April and  was told I needed another op to clear margins . I started chemo first in June finished sept had my surgery on the 18 th October just waiting for radio and bone infusions . Good luck with the rest of your journey x

  • Hi Bonnie  did you have chemo before your second op?  I am having margin clearance on 13th Nov then hopefully chemo before Christmas.

    Hope you didn't get too many reactions with chemo  good luck with next op and radiotherapy xxx

  • Hi Alison 

    yes they wanted me to have chemo after the first op , my tumour was small 1.6 cm but on the margin there was pre cancer cells which they said radio would clear !! But the surgeon wanted to go back in . Chemo was 3 x EC and 3xDocetaxol it was tough at times but the oncology team are great they make sure you have all the anti sickness meds etc ..x

  • Your is exactly the same size as mine,  my margin is only on lateral side and they wanted to go back in before it healed too much, so have the chemo etc to look forward to. We are hoping to bet away for week in the sun first fingers crossed. Fingers  crossed for radio and bone infusions xx

  • Hi,

    I have tnbc at 66, nearly 67, but too old for any genetic testing which is a worry for close family females. I wasn't given much info to help. Tumour 8mm grade 3 and successful surgery and not in lymph. Still need 3 EC and 3 docetaxel plus radiotherapy.  This tn is an absolute bummer. Not coping too well after 1st ec . Try to be kind to yourself and plan a nice treat. X

  • Hi Chaka 

    Can you not still request genetic testing if you have close family females? Atleast I dont have to worry on that front as I dont have any children and my mother is 84 now and she woukd just say don't worry about me.

    I'm scared about them not getting clear margins a second time FrowningFingers crossed

    we are going away for a few days next week with the bowls club so hopefully will lift my spirit a bit, wish it was summer as atleast would be nice and warm to go and do more things.

    Take it easy between your chemo treatments, and rest up, is what l have heard. 

    I am making sure freezer full of batch cooked meals to make it a bit easier on hubby as hes just had major surgery too. 

    Sending you big gentle hugs xxx

  • Hi Alison - I have recently being diagnosed & I',m 62. It was quite a shock. I have a rare tumour which initially I was told was not chemo responsive. Thankfully I didn't have to go back for a shave to clear the margins but I was warned it could happen. I know people who have though & they say it's nothing compared to the first op. I hope that eases your mind a bit. I have just received my treatment plan which does involve chemo. My lymph nodes were clear so that's good. I'm feeling much more positive after my appointment which seemed a long time coming. Take one day at a time & as people say keep those positive thoughts. 

  • Hi Franchuck.

    Hope your doing well and start your plan starts soon.

    I had my margin op done yesterday, am in more pain than the first op at the moment, just hoping all clear this time. I have my follow up appointment is 24th so fingers crossed. X

  • Hi Alison

    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your recovery is much quicker. Hopefully all will be clear and you can move forward quickly. 

  • Hi Alison, 

    Im TNBC newly diagnosed at 60. Feel ive got the wrong breast cancer !!!