Stomach upset- TNBC

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Good morning everyone.

I've recently been diagnosed with ductal TNBC- they think stage 2 or 3, will know more post surgery. I'm having chemo first. So far lymph nodes look clear.

Did anyone else suffer with a bad stomach at this stage? I thought maybe it was stress/anxiety? Also I've started juicing so could also be that. But my mind is going mad and thinking its spread and that's what's causing my upset stomach !! It's usually only in the morning. 


  • It sounds like you have answered your own question, it’s completely normal to be in a state of panic and shock, worrying that every little niggle or change is the cancer spreading, this upset  is bound to impact your stomach it did mine plus adding juices to your diet will do the same.

    I was diagnosed with triple negative 9 years ago and mine had spread to 2 of my lymph nodes. I am still here and you will get through everything they throw at you. Good luck x

  • That is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Blush  X

  • Aww that’s so good to hear Jo glad your doing well it gives us all hope and positive vibes Kissing heart

  • I start my chemotherapy on Tuesday and my stomach is in bits at the moment with anxiety. It’s normal I’m sure so just try and trust that and know it will get easier as time goes on. I’ve found with each new piece of information I’m given …results etc my stomach is the first thing to react. Happy to chat if needed x