Working during chemo

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My wife has just been diagnosed  WITH TNBC and at present  is very positive  even though  she has still  to have Ct and bone scan.

My main worry  is that at present my wife is sure she will be able to work during  her treatment  she is a mental health  nurse and if this is taken away from her the effect on her may be devastating  for her own mental health  

I don't  want to say anything  to her which may sound negative  and stop her positively 

  • Good morning I work in the nhs and managed to work throughout they did make adjustments as my job allows me to work from home some days. I also managed two walks a day and carried on riding. Everyone journey is different in terms of how they feel but positive attitude is what helps. Having something you must do everyday is a great motivator so be careful of doing too much for her but you will be so important to her and her recovery 

  • I am retired from full time work but have non Exec positions on Boards and am a Trustee of a charity and am treasurer of an amateur sports club. I don’t think I could have worked full time during chemo, nor could I have managed a lot of travel, but desk work and meetings weren’t a problem. I kept my situation hidden from one of the organisations without issue too thanks to the wonders of modern wigs. 

  • Hi codfish thanks for getting  back to me what's worrying  me is that even tonight my wife was saying  she can't  afford to stay off 

    Think she is in denial  about what her treatment  will entail 

  • Hi K

    sending love to your wife.  Everyone is different with treatment, i was worried as I only get paid if I show up to work.  I am happily working 3 days a week but the first few weeks I didnt work as I was (tbh) thinking I would be too poorly but honestly wasnt.  Am now on 9th weekly chemo treatment.  As for the mental health side - i am just so glad to be with people and not think about the TNBC!  My job is rather ‘fluffy’ though I am an estate agent!  Fitting in all the various scans/chemo/appocan be tricky I seem to be so busy!  Good luck to you all 

  • Hi Melsbels thanks for that reply

    My wife's a nurse and her seniors have said she can work the nightshift if she is able a far quieter  less stressful  shift basically  just observing plus all the time off she requires for treatment 

    Her mental health will suffer  greatly  if she can't manage this