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Hi Guys 

Did anyone suffer with headaches after Diagnosis for TNBC,I’m drinking plenty of squash not eating much. Can’t sleep just about functioning to be honest .Waiting for surgery date been waiting 3 weeks which is killing me. I think I’m just stressed with it all , I feel I have been given a death sentence , trying to do positive things and keep my mind busy but it’s so hard . Anyone else feel like this x 

  • Hi Bonnie Boo

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering with headaches after being diagnosed with TNBC.  It probably is because of the stress you are under.  The waiting for things to happen is hard.  Keep your fluid levels up and try to eat a bit more as you need to keep your strength up for what's to come.

    Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer for your surgery date.

    Best wishes


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  • Thanks Daisy your probably right I’m going to see GP on Monday x