Good news with MRI and questions for oncologist.

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Hey everybody,

I thought I would share some good news. Having had 2 rounds of EC I had an MRI to assess progress. The tumour has reduced in size! It was 16mmx16mm and is now 12mmx7mm. I haven’t spoken to the oncologist yesterday but the breast care nurse said it was a good result and shows that the EC is doing what was hoped it would do. I think the plan will be one more EC before moving to weekly paclitaxel for 9 weeks before surgery. Ive a way to go yet but its promising to have some good news early doors.

Overall I have found the side effects of EC tolerable and the cold cap is working so far.

I know the journey is yet to unfold but I wanted to encourage any newbies to the forum that there can be light - I know in those early diagnosis days I didn't think or feel there could be.

Im seeing the oncologist on Monday. If anybody further down the line on treatment than me can think of anything specific it would be good to ask from experience of this stage, please share - I want to get the best out of those consultations and its a bit of a case of you don’t know what you don't know. 

Thank youPray,


  • Hi, what good news to share. You might want to ask if this shrinkage means you are able to have less invasive surgery. My 5cm lump shrunk to zero by the end of my chemo and I therefore was able to have a lumpectomy rather than a mastectomy. Best wishes 

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  • Thanks for replying Pray. My surgery will be dictated by the genetic testing which I am waiting results for. If genetic results are good I should have a lumpectomy as initial lump was small anyway. Great that yours responded so well ! Always good to hear good news stories as however positive we try and remain - cant get away from reality that its an anxious time. I hope you are well now.