Picc line problem.

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Nearly 4 years ago i had my picc line removed after chemo treatment.  Immediately after i had swelling around inner elbow joint and pain down inside my arm and i still have it today...

had scan for blood clot which showed nothing and a nerve test to check blood flow through the veins and any nerve damage,  again nothing  ??  
there isnt anything else the dr/hospital can check now so whatever caused this i just have to accept it.

anybody else out there have similar experience ?  Thankyou ladies  xx

  • Hi Swift15

    While I didn't have any problems after my pic line was removed I noticed that you didn't have any replies yet so I thought I'd reply to you anyway.  Why don't you join the Breast Cancer Forum and plenty of ladies on there have had triple negative breast cancer and as it's a much busier group than this one you should hopefully get an answer to your question there.  Here the link that you can click on to take you to that forum:  Breast cancer forum .

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes


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