Allergic reaction to Paclitaxel

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Hi everyone 

I am am so pleased to be 1 chemo away from the finish line!! I am currently on Paclitaxel and have had 2 horrible allergic reactions to it. I only have one more but dreading the reaction again. Has anyone else had an allergic reaction? And how did they manage it?

  • Not an allergic reaction but the one dose I have had put me into hospital with severe abdominal pain and a resulting infection. Had 2 weeks off, trying again on Wednesday, not looking forward to it!

  • Sorry to hear that! I hope it went ok yesterday. They will give it to me over 6 hours next time. 

  • Hi, I had my second dose of Paclitaxel and reacted with severe back pain.  Apparently it was my kidneys reacting.  They slowed it down and I completed the dose. I’m back tomorrow for round 3… feeling apprehensive… 

  • Hi thanks for sharing. Oh dear I know how that pain feels! I hope you didn’t react again! I’m back in tomorrow for my final Paclitaxel! They said they will slow it down over 6 hours. So we will we! 

  • Unfortunately I did react again, despite being pre-loaded with different meds, and slowing it down.  It happened at exactly the same point - I had only had 6ml!! I am meeting with my oncologist tomorrow to discuss alternative options. Good luck with yours Four leaf clover 

  • Hi IngyS

    Sorry to hear that you reacted to your chemo infusion for the second time.  

    Best of luck with your meeting with your oncologist tomorrow.

    Best wishes


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