CBD alongside chemo

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Has anyone had experience taking CBD drops (broad spectrum) for side effects of chemo? I’ve been given some by a FOAF who owns a CBD shop, I would like to try it particularly for nausea and apparently it can help with hair loss. Just cautious about it. I know the usual advice would be to speak with my consultant but his response will probably advise against it  

Anyone who has tried it would love to hear from you 

Oh my treatment is currently FEC-T, I’m on the 2nd cycle of FEC Thumbsup tone2 


  • Hi KC88

    While I didn't take CBD drips for chemo side effects while I was having treatment I thought I'd reply to you anyway as you haven't had any replies.  I notice that you are also a member of the breast cancer forum.  Why not put your question into that forum as it's a much busier forum than this one.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of your treatment.

    Best wishes


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  • Many drugs are derived from plants and are accepted as being potent. Cbd is a drug derived from plants and is potent and highly effective but with that there is proof it would interfere with the efficacy of the chemo you are on. My oncologist said no to it whilst on chemo and he was a progressive one allowed hot tub, horse riding and much more. If you experience nausea tell the oncologist and there are many medications that can help 

    To my knowledge nothing helps you keep your hair , cold

    cap in certain people.